10 week specialty phase

is it normal for the custom plan builder to create a 10 week long specialty phase in the middle of a long plan? i created a custom plan, with 40TT being my “A” event on August 11, 2024, with the plan starting September 25th, 2023. i am now near finishing that phase, but it’s been 10 weeks, and these threshold workouts are beating the snot out of me. I always answer the workout surveys accurately, and I always accept the adaptations.

I’m currently in an 8 week mid plan specialty phase.

I was glad to get out of base/build, but like you I am worrying about the intensity.

I have dialed back the endurance rides a bit to help be as recovered as possible.

One thing to note is there has been a bug that removed the last rest week in the mid plan specialty block, so you’d have a full 4 weeks of efforts and then straight into your next phase.

I just swapped the session out and built my own recovery week. I’d recommend checking you’ve got the expected 3 weeks on/ 1 week off ratio. You’ll probably be very grateful for that final recovery week.