Early season specialty phase?

Plan Builder is giving me a specialty phase already starting in latter half of March. The only events I have are an A event in September and a B event in October.

Is this to be expected? Seems like in the past I only had a specialty phase much later in the season with just alternating base/build until then? Is this possible because I chose 40k TT rather than century this year for grins? (I don’t race - just do a couple of centuries in late summer early/fall.)

Something seems off, contact support.

Yes, I will report this to support. Just waiting for the proverbial dust to settle on another issue in my plan that I reported to support. I thought I’d see if it was common or expected.

Hey @tomclune! This is to be expected, even if your A event was a Century.

Plan Builder strategically uses different training phases to increase fitness and freshness in order to make you as fast as possible for your goal event. In many cases, the Specialty Phase can be a great opportunity for the body to increase freshness without losing fitness. This is particularly true for athletes like yourself with a lot of experience doing interval training. It serves as a great mid-season reset point for any rider, especially during a long training progression, like yours.