1 Year of TR (Any Improvements ?πŸ€”)

Just received this email from TR and it got me thinking.

Membership Renewal Notice

Congrats on your year of training! Just a reminder, your annual TrainerRoad membership is renewing soon.

Your membership is renewing on 6/28/2019.

What a difference a year makes. Aside from improving my FTP by 100 watts as well as on the verge of 4 w/kg; my knowledge of training, recovery, nutrition and racing is through the roof. I went from struggling to stay with the front group of my MTB races (Sport/Cat 2), to winning my races and qualifying to move up to Expert/Cat 1. All of this at age 42 and only 2.5 years of cycling (MTB). I attribute that to the TR plans, podcast and all of the recommendations from the community on this forum.

I can’t wait to see where my fitness will be at next year’s renewal!

Anyone else finish up there first year of TR recently and had amazing improvements?