A Full Year on TR

Well it’s exactly one year (well a year and two days) since I rejoined TR. I was intending to ease things off through summer but obviously this year things didn’t pan out as planned so I ended up doing a full Base => Build => Speciality sequence and then continued with a plan (via Plan Builder) for an event in May 2021. Didn’t help that I broke my collarbone in January so a slight interruption!

I started with an FTP of 241W, my weight was 86kg so 2.8W/kg. I saw a steady increase in FTP and by mid-March I’d got to 266W, same weight, so 3.1W/kg. I’m now 61 years old BTW.

Over summer I didn’t retest so carried on at 266W, I felt that I was a couple of percentage points down on what my true FTP was - things like over-unders never felt too bad.

Retested yesterday and saw an increase of 6W to 272W. I’ve lost a kilo (actually fluctuating between 84 & 85kg) so I’m at 3.2W/kg. That’s a 13% increase. Ultimate aim is to get to 3.5W/kg which at my current weight means I need to get to 298W but a 5kg weight loss drops that target to 280W.

So how’s your year gone?


It’s been a great year, thanks for asking! Solid 10% power growth from October, 2019 (program start) through April, 2020. Then I did most of my desired Audax events from May through September even with a pandemic afoot. Just retested and I’m only a few watts off of my May peak.

So now I get to start my off season training and seek another 10% “two steps forward” before my in season “one step backward” begins next May. Maybe I’ll do even better this off-season since I’m hoping to avoid the lure of Saturday small group rides and sticking to TR threshold sessions. Sunday only for my friends! :slight_smile:

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I traded about 50 watts for a baby. It’s been amazing and so worth it. But don’t know if I’ll do it again :joy:

Slowly building back up. June, 3 months PP, I was at 190w and 150lbs. Now I’m at 205 (due to retest!) and 145lbs. Hoping for 210 or higher after a recovery week. Will focus on those last 5-10lbs next year, heh!


Nice work! My 2020 focus was setting up for longterm gains, its good to finally see all my PRs from 2017 in the crosshairs. So far so good :+1:

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