1 min on/1 min off – 120% / 80%

Anybody done 1 min on, 1 min off intervals @ vo2 / tempo? I dug out this session my old coach set me recently and managed 20 minutes with a NP of 104.7%. It was tough but not all out. Managed 2x15’ @ 90% afterwards during a heavy block of training too.

There’s no way I could hold a consistent effort like that for 20 minutes on the turbo. That’s just below the power I do on the road for an all out TT. Anyone have similar experiences, or know why I found that kind of session easier?

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This sounds like an extreme version of over/unders…

Is this what people call “polarized”?

See Short Power Build/Crit Speciality plans.
Workouts similar to Mitchell, Richardson, Xalibu

I’ve never done as long as that but my 20mins power PB was set on an interval session. There’s absolutely no way I could hold 325w in a flat session. At my peak my flat (FTP test) 20min Max was 311w and Ive not managed more than 296w this year.


I’ve tracked it down. It’s hard to believe a 4 weeks prior to my bowel cancer op I was that strong but I was on iron tablets (balancing a chronic iron deficiency) and I was 7kg heavier.

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There are variations of this in the TR catalog:


Also look at Grassy Lake (+4,5,6). They don’t go out to 20 min intervals but they are very similar.

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Thanks, yeah these are very similar, albeit shorter intervals.

take a peek at Dana, one of my favorites. It’s an over under workout with 2 minutes at 95% then one at 120% repeated 3 times for a 9 minute set, 6 minutes in between sets. It’s a good’n. But by all means if you want to make it better/worse hit up the workout creator and modify it as you see fit.

The TR workouts are much harder, as they’re at 125%/88% and the work:rest is greater than 1:1.

Mitchell in particular is a real killer.

Lincoln — 90min of 15/15’s (120% FTP/88% FTP) — is never-ending fun.

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