1 hour every day...not enough rest?

Hey, I’m trying to figure out a schedule that works best for me for sweet spot training. I should be somewhere between mid and high volume.

I’m wondering the feasibility of doing 1 hours every day. Typically, there are rest days between fewer days with more volume. But, I feel like a solid cadence of only 1 hour a day could get me through sweet spot? I struggle with the weekends where my schedule goes unstructured and other projects look more interesting to me than 2 hours each day on the trainer.

I would be switching things up for build and specialty as I move training out doors, going to the traditional look.

You didn’t go into your past - if you have done structured training before, how much training, age, what you might be training for, etc.

My answer here based on what I read would be to suggest low volume and then add to the plan when you want and feel up to it getting you closer to the MV. Wiped out or need more rest - follow the plan as prescribed. Get the recovery you need. Feeling groovy then add to it to get the “more” volume. This allows you to adjust the weeks as you need.

Another option, the coaches on the podcast also often suggest just changing up the workouts and picking the +1 and +2 versions of the workouts if you want more but then sticking with the same volume plan.



Just one question; If you plan on training every day, be it only one hour, when do you plan to recover and actually get the training adaptation you are after?

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if you do 1h every day you won’t recover enough…i wouldn’t recommend that


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