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Triathletes: How to Choose and Adjust Your Training Plan

Knowing which training plan is best for you is the first step toward becoming a stronger triathlete. To help triathletes discover their best-matched triathlon training plan, we have a video featuring our Head Coach Chad. All Successful Triathletes Follow a Training Plan Coach Chad designed our Sprint-, Olympic-, Half- and Full-Distance triathlon training plans with…

Sprint Triathlon Training Plans: How to Choose Your Best Plan

Once you’ve decided you want to compete in a Sprint Triathlon, your next step is figuring out the training plan that’s best for you. For many triathletes and cyclists, this step can prove to be somewhat challenging — you’ll soon learn it doesn’t have to be! In this new series of posts, our goal is…

New Triathlon Training Plans: How We Made Them Better Than Ever

More than any other endurance sport, training for a triathlon is tough. Sure, it’s demanding on the body, but more than that, it’s complex, requires research and a heavy-duty strategy if you want your time in the pool, on the bike and on the pavement to be well spent. Finding a solid triathlon training plan…

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