TrainerRoad is among the first software companies to support the new wireless ANT+ FE-C protocol. Now, we fully support electronic-resistance control for Tacx trainers.

What is ANT+ FE-C?

ANT+ is the most common wireless protocol used in the cycling community.  It’s the language that wireless devices like speed sensors and power meters use to communicate with TrainerRoad or devices like Garmin head units. When you’re training on the road or indoors, ANT+ is the key component responsible for transmitting your fitness data.

ANT+ FE-C is a new and improved version of their wireless protocol geared specifically toward trainers and indoor-cycling bikes. Now, hardware companies have a standardized open protocol that they can use to communicate with software like TrainerRoad.

Tacx Trainer Support

As a result of ANT+ launching FE-C, Tacx trainer owners can now use TrainerRoad to control the resistance of their trainers — something you’ve never been able to do before. With this new feature, owner’s of the following trainers can now use their devices to their full potential:

  • Vortex Smart (Model Number: T2180)
  • Vortex Smart TDF (Model Number: T2380)
  • Bushido Smart (Model Number: T2780)
  • Bushido Smart TDF (Model Number: T2300)

If you have a Tacx trainer that outputs power, cadence or speed data, TrainerRoad will be able to pick that up too.

Upcoming Devices

FE-C is the new industry standard for upcoming ANT+ enabled electronic trainers and spin bikes. As more and more FE-C devices become available on the market, they’ll be compatible with TrainerRoad.

Getting Faster with TrainerRoad

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