A comprehensive guide to fitness testing, why we created a new test, pro tips for your next fitness test and more in Episode 158 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast Facebook Group
  • Lost & Found Gravel Grinder Preview
  • Carson City Off-Road Live Podcast Recording!
  • What is the TrainerRoad Ramp Test?
  • Why sustained effort tests may not be the best format for you
  • How to find your FTP with a ramp test
  • Why the TrainerRoad Ramp Test was created
  • How to make cycling fitness tests better
  • Should you take an FTP test in the aero position?
  • Should you take an FTP test in erg mode?
  • Should you take an FTP test on each bike you own?
  • What you should know before changing a ramp test format
  • Can you do a workout after the TrainerRoad Ramp Test?
  • How often should you test your FTP?
  • Should steady state athletes take ramp tests too?
  • What if you score different FTPs from different tests?
  • Pro tips for taking the TrainerRoad Ramp Test

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