Component upgrades should take more than weight and price into consideration. Every part of your bike should contribute to making you faster, whether through aerodynamics, comfort or mechanical efficiency. We dug into every important component choice you can make to get faster in the latest podcast with ENVE Composites.

Topics covered in this episode

  • Why some pro racers run insanely low stack heights
  • Why are ergo bend handlebars are less common these days?
  • Why handlebar wall thickness matters
  • What to look for in a road handlebar
  • Why do pros run such long stems?
  • The pros and cons of rise stems
  • Do pros really need extra stiff stems?
  • How do you make a seatpost comfortable?
  • Why short seat rail clamps are better
  • Why doesn’t ENVE make a saddle?
  • How to engineer flex into a component
  • Why are wheels getting wider?
  • Are wide wheels faster?
  • How to make a wheel aerodynamically efficient
  • What makes a wheel good in crosswinds?
  • How disc brakes are actually making your bike faster

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