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The easiest and most cost-effective way to train with power.

What is VirtualPower™?

Perform power-based indoor workouts with just a speed sensor and supported trainer, and enjoy the benefits of indoor structured training without the cost of a power meter.

Reliable Training

Train indoors with precise power readings every time.

Simple Setup

All you need is a speed sensor and supported trainer.

Low Cost

Train with power at the lowest out-of-pocket cost.

How Does it Stack Up?

With three ways to train with power, you have plenty of options. VirtualPower™ was created to give cyclists a simple, cost-effective way to train indoors with power and reap the benefits of structured training.

Power Meter
Smart Trainer





Precise Power Readings

Structured Workouts

Indoor Training

Outdoor Training

Compare Data with Others

Automatic Trainer Resistance

Ready to Get Faster?

Use science-based planning, training and analysis tools to increase your performance with cycling’s most effective training system.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

How VirtualPower™ Works

By connecting a speed sensor to TrainerRoad, VirtualPower™ matches your trainer’s unique power curve to the speed of your wheel to give you precise power data in real-time.

A trainer's power curve is its unique representation of what speed you need to create a specific amount of power.

Does Your Trainer Work with VirtualPower™?

VirtualPower™ supports nearly every trainer on the market. Start with your manufacturer to see if your trainer is supported*.

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Not seeing your trainer? There's a good chance you can still train with TrainerRoad. Learn how.

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