Zwift Tron Bike achievement unlock?

I’d also add that one can go into the search bar of the Forum and type in anything, including “Zwift” to discover threads and comments on the topic.

One thought I had is that there are certain topics are “mega topics” - more threads and more discussion than others such that throwing them into the Uncategorized category may not do such topics justice. The topic “[anything] Zwift” is one of them. Perhaps, such mega topics deserve their own tags?

Well, I wrote a nice guide on searching, that can be leveraged here.

Using your example, for Uncategorized and ‘Zwift’ as the one term, you get plenty of results:

More words can be added, including the other advanced options and ‘Sort by’ to filter results more.

As to tags, I am fine with adding a Zwift one in particular, but I don’t know it adds much over using it in the search term. I have no control over that, and will leave that consideration to @IvyAudrain to review.


I did not see your guide previously, but have used the search with filters. Your work does look good, though.

Generally, I think you might be right re: lack of additional value of creating a new tag. But one could argue that no tags are not necessary on anything as it not not likely that something categorized as “Nutrition” for example, would exclude the word “nutrition” in the entirety of the thread.

FWIW: I use Evernote as my main source of storing notes, .pdfs, etc. Currently I have ~ 14,000 notes and ~ 100 active tags. While Evernote includes an advanced search capability (e.g. Boolean), I find that search by tags provides infinitely greater value than filtered word search. The only drawback is that it requires proactive topic tagging whereas the Forum allows for minimal work.

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I am not advocating against Tags in general. I LOVE them and use them whenever I make my own topics.

  • I do add them relatively often when I am Categorizing posts by others that are left Uncategorized or the few placed in the wrong Category.

It’s a macro / micro thing. Categories are the macro buckets, while Tags are the micro.

  • I like tags, but consider them supplemental compared to good Category use and proper topic titles.

All more than most care to consider, and it’s why I am OCD about checking and adjusting these as often as I do (many times a day).


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Honestly, I feel a little attacked. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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LOL . . . This is [old, restrictive] Microsoft HFS thinking. I am not a db expert, but understand “enough to be dangerous” . . .

The world of data storage has changed dramatically allowing for connectivity “at the object level” (it lead to the creation of object oriented DBs and object-relational, nonSQL, etc). Hierarchical structures, that are restrictive, are no longer necessary.

But hey, you do all the work, and I’m just here on the sidelines. So if it works for you (and others) great.

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Like I said, I am using the tools in front of me. They may not be perfect, but I do what I can with them.

For anything more than that, Ivy and TR need to drive that bus.

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Do Barca fans analyze how to help Ancelotti with his next big game tactics on FCB forum?

Yeah, that seems like a reasonable analogy to discussing how to unlock an achievement in a video game.

OK, I think we can move on and return to the topic.

For those with no interest in the topic, it’s easy enough to avoid this one and read any other topic on the forum.

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Amen! They don’t have the time to scroll past yet they have plenty of time to complain. I just don’t get it.

Can you imagine if they added a catergory of Zwift into the TR Forum at this time, the Zwift “Premium”, TR Merger or Add-In speculation would implode!

Got the Tron bike many moons ago and mainly use it for Tour of Zwift events when double draft is on… but if I’m doing a workout you’ll probably find me on a TT bike, I like the fact it doesn’t draft and you don’t get the stickiness and even in events I sometimes use it so i don’t drift rapidly up and down the pack and maintain my earned position…might have to use more effort than a drafting bike but I’m also getting a good workout!

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you are way stronger than I am…I want every bit of draft I can get!!


I’ve read some have been able to do it on a weekend. They might have taken the next week off, but you can do it in so many ways. I’d mix it up with AdZ and Ven-top, with some Climber’s Gambit mixed in. I finally got Tron a few years ago, and the wife was like ‘Huh…’. Someone she works with had to tell her what it meant. Seriously… :man_shrugging:t2: I did think there should have been more fan fare in-app when I got it, but anyway…

Good luck.

Oh, and Tron Bike isn’t the absolute best at everything in-game, but it does allow for color customization.

  • While true, it happens to be so far up on the performance range of uses that it is an easy pick for a bike that has enough overall to not worry about what it lacks in all but the most extreme cases. When in doubt, you can do a lot worse than the Tron bike unless you dig deeper into specs and uses. It’s a safe bet most of the time.

ZwiftInsider is a great resource for picking the fastest bike on different courses.

S Works Venge with the DT Swiss disc is faster on flat courses, the Aethos with Mielensteins is quicker uphill (n.b. absolute fastest bike may have changed since I last checked but they’re both faster than the Tron for those uses). But the Tron is a better allround bet for mixed courses.

For the ZRL I usually pick based on what’s going to be most critical for my race plan / my abilities on a given course (I don’t usually struggle to sit in on the flat so I usually only take the venge plus disc for the dead flat sprinter courses).


Zwift Insider said that the Atheos and Aplinist was a batter match for solid climbing. I don’t know how much of an improvement it might be, but figured I need all the help I can get.

Would I know the difference between them? HAH! Not likely, but if it saves a few seconds/minutes, I’m good. But talking about differences in ‘fake bikes’ is like the age old argument over tube or transistor amplifiers. :smile::sunglasses:


As a guitar guy, I can relate.

One thing to remember about the climbing bike/wheel combos is that many of the climbing courses require a pretty long lead in, and in some cases the Tron is the better choice over the full course distance. Zwift Insider makes those things clear though, so if you really care about every second, just check your notes before each course.

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