Zwift Tron Bike achievement unlock?

I just finished up SSBLV1 then SSBMV2 now I’m on rest week. But i really want the Tron bike on zwift. So i did the math and if i ride Alpe Du Zwift 4 days a week for the next 6 weeks i can have it. Does this sound like a viable training block?

I think im dumb enough to try this

Depends on what intensity you’re riding up…given that it’s an hour’s climb for most people, pretty much any session can be done during a single ascent.


Do you have a way to run Zwift and TR at the same time? That is what I did - just followed my normal plan and rode of Alpe du Zwift each time I did a workout…


Just use the TR + Z process and follow your regular TR workouts and plan, but you can still ride up ADZ and earn without doing a dedicated block.


If you’re on a rest week, you can make a custom workout in zwift that is just a bunch of zone 2 stuff and run it while you do the Ven-top route. It’s kinda boring but it’s a bit more efficient than doing the lead-in for the alpe du zwift. Also can just run TR’s rest week workouts.

For a shorter ride you can also pick the “road to sky” route and u-turn immediately after starting and do the reverse epic kom and radio tower climb. You can use a workout to keep it entirely zone 2 or just turn the trainer difficulty way down if you don’t wanna mess up your rest week.

If you’re into the badges and extra achievements, it’s worth it to do alpe climbs so you can get the badge for 25x up the alpe. If you’re looking to avoid wasting time riding through the jungle, you can look on the “join riders” list for someone that’s gone 5-16km and has been averaging 10-13km/h. If you join them usually it’ll drop you on the alpe… just u-turn and start your ride at the bottom. I use to do this and use the descent time as a quick warmup… or finish getting ready, fill bottles, etc. while your avatar coasts down. Also a sneaky way to get a bit of extra XP.


I ride up the Alpe 3 or 4 times a week while doing TR workouts. I’ve had a tron bike for a long time, but I still do it because I like the Alpe. Typically it takes about 11 minutes to get to the Alpe and anywhere from 50-70 minutes to climb it depending on the workout. A 90 minute ride is perfect to get you up and on the way down.


Thanks for that tip. I guess i will have to learn how to find riders that are already on the Alp. Brilliant!

Right now the tour of fire and ice is taking me almost 2 hours :weary: im old and weak :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s on the same screen as the worlds selection, after the pairing screen. Make sure you’ve selected Watopia, and look through the list under “Join another zwifter”.

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Zwift is leaving millions on the velodrome infield by not following gamings brilliant micro transactions model.


Whilst I don’t want to see if happen its very true… I’m surprised there is no Zwift version of a Battle/ Season Pass yet!

For sure it’s tongue in cheek (and would be horrible if it did happen) but I’m seriously surprised it’s not already been implemented.

100% guaranteed Zwift has looked into it.

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The Tron bike is just as stylish as no socks
aaaand I‘m out of this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just dual ran TR and set all my workouts on that route… easy.


Doesn’t “road to the sky” get you there quicker?

I may or may not have done some of my tron bike climbing outside with zwift running on my android phone in my jersey pocket connected to my power meter.

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Quickest access, according to the Lama:

  • Jungle Circuit, and do a manual turn to the Right, to get on the climb.

Fair enough… but it’s quicker than the “tour of fire and ice” route.


Like I said, road to sky gets you to the Alpe in 10-12 minutes at warm up pace. There may be faster ways, but it’s just simple for me to choose that route and then pick it every day.

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That’s great for a pure Z ride with Z setting resistance in SIM mode.

But if a person is doing the TR+Z with TR workout driving the bus, and the goal is max elevation for the time spent, the shortcut I shared is beneficial.


I’m talking about TR+Z with TR controlling.

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