Zwift Rolls Out In-Race Steering with Elite Sterzo Smart

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I saw that earlier this morning. There is also news on Zwift’s website as well as ZwiftInsider.

Looks interesting, but I’m no exactly chomping at the bit to buy the Elite Sterzo Plate in order to have steering.

It was neat to play with on Repack Ridge with the MTB using the phone with Companion app. But, that was never going to be a long term solution for various reasons but especially due to drift.

Lastly, based on the latest survey they sent out, this could become a monetized add on feature at a later date. Yes, it’s free now, but it’s a “Future Labs” experimental feature.


The Sterzo Smart, in theory, shouldn’t have the same drift issues. I believe I read somewhere it uses a Hall effect sensor rather than an accelerometer. But I’ll also reserve judgement as to whether this is addition or not!

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That would seem like a much better solution. A few years back, I fixed up an old telescope mount that used HE sensors for positioning.
Super accurate and reliable if implemented correctly.

I get bored on Zwift really quickly. Forced steering by users would make it much better IMO.

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Just saw this for sale in the UK now. Edit: as pointed out below, this is not the Sterzo Smart referred to above.

The interesting thing to me is that if you can change your line, then could this open up races to having crosswinds? What if on certain sections the best draft was to the side of the other riders? Imagine Zwift with multiple mini-echelons!

Note that this one is the original release that doesn’t natively support steering in Zwift (only works with a phone on your handlebars, which only works on the mountain bike course). The newer one has the steering function built in and works for normal riding around in Zwift (but not the mountain bike course… :man_shrugging:). DC Rainmaker and Shane/Gplama both have videos on YouTube showing it in action with respect to choosing the best lines and moving in and out of the draft–I don’t think Zwift accounts for wind at all at this point so dealing with crosswinds will be aways out I imagine.

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Thanks, have amended post.