Zwift Power settings

guys can anyone tell me what is power estimated mode which has two options classic and zpower in zwift settings? i have randomly clicked one thing and i actually forgot which one was previously

As an aside, I’m not sure if you are doing this for a different trainer than your Wahoo, but this is definitely NOT something you should be using with any modern, smart-controlled trainer. It is only for old magnetic and fluid trainers.

So i have wahoo smart trainer v6 so what to use?

Per the note I just added, neither.

I am using wahoo smart trainer v6 and i have mis clicked between one off them so what to choose right now? Classic or zpower?

Follow the official Zwift info:

I am reading it but i am not understanding it please if you can just explain or just tell me in short simple words that what to select i have wahoo v6 please ut will help me alot

Can you share a picture of your exact pairing screen right now?

It should looks something like this:

The screen you just shared is correct with no issues.

  • Can you get a picture of that screen too.
  • It simply does NOT matter. The setting you are taking about only applies to DUMB trainers, not your smart trainer. The mode is not relevant at all, so no matter where you have it set it will not alter results if you have the proper pairing like your picture above already shows.

So i don’t have to worry about which settings i have selected whether it is classic or z power my trainer has nothing to do with that right?

Correct, no worry.

So this is a setting which i was talking about just take look but anyways i had nothing to do now right?

So now i will just leave it right? And if by chance i select to classic nothing will happen right

  • Leave it alone. Ignore it.
  • Correct, nothing happens.

Thanks for replying i really appreciate thankyou

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And am i the only one seeing this settings because whenever i go to youtube and see others lastest video so in there settings there is no this kind of settings?

Zwift changed the menu settings not long ago. Depending on the age of the videos you are watching, they may be wrong / out of date compared to the current menu’s.

Okay thanks again for replying i really appreciate it

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