Smart trainer indoor vs outdoor

Hello, I am new to wahoo trainer, and I have recently done my training on wahoo smart trainer v6 and i have noticed that when i did re ride a outdoor route indoor and my power and speed was very slow and as compared to what i have ridden out because my trainer is simulating route but my speed and power is showing very low and on Zwift also on my ftp test my power and speed was very slow and because I can produce more power and hold more than 300 watts for longer time easily but in zwift ftp test or in free ride 220 or 250 watts feel alot harder and i am seeing people going easy on 300 watts and there speed is also high , so I think there is some problem, maybe some settings on my smart trainer. Can you please tell me that? When I do my training on roller with or without zwift , I always feel like I am putting power in, but whenever I see my speed or power (watts), it is very low, and I don’t know because what is happening. So is there anything to do in setting to measure accurate power and speed or anything? i am telling this because i am a professional cyclist and i know that how much power i produce so please reply to me and tell me what to do. Please help me if anyone knows it

Do you have a bike with a power meter installed so you can do a comparison between the trainer and power meter?

What power meter are you using outdoors?

What is your indoor setup like? Do you know the temperature that room is? What is your fan setup like?

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I have wahoo smart trainer and my speed is also not correct i have wahoo element computer Mount in that I selected route that i have ridden outside and then started my ride in indoor as the trainer simulates the elevation and all rode but as compared to my route my speed is very slow i have set an average speed of 44 outside outdoor but now in indoor I can’t even get more than 25 30 kph and feeling very heavy so any idea why it is happening

Have you tried shifting into a higher gear to increase your speed?

Yes but it is increasing but slowly and taking alot power? And just a confirm that you understand my question that i have sent previously?

I think I understand what you are saying. I’m just at a loss to help. I have done what you are doing, which is, riding an outdoor route indoors using wahoo. However, I never did it with a route that I had actually ridden myself and had my own data for. I’ve only done it to ride a couple of climbs that I’ve never myself done. So I didn’t have my own power/speed to compare against.

Hope you can get it sorted. Maybe someone else here can help.