Wahoo Kickr Core or v6?

Hi everyone :+1:

After 10 years using a wheel-on CycleOps Fluid trainer I’ve decided it’s time to treat myself to a new trainer.

I’ve done a bit of reading and have narrowed it down to two.

  • Wahoo Kickr Core A$789
  • Wahoo Kickr v6 A$1399

I’m looking for help choosing between the two. I do the low volum sprint tri plans on TR so only ride indoors 2-3 times a week generally for 1 hour.

I can afford to buy either, but the $600 saving with the Core would certainly be useful for buying other kit and stuff :slight_smile:

Key differences I can see are:

  • Max power: 1800W v 2200W > Probably doesn’t matter for me.

  • Max incline: 16% v 20% > Again, probably doesn’t matter

  • Accuracy: 2% vs 1% > This is one I do care about, but I use Garmin Vector power pedals, and I see I can use TR’s Powermatch feature to get the pedal to override the power meter in the smart trainer. So this might also not matter.

  • Flywheel: 5.4kg vs 7.3kg > In theory the heavier is better but I’ve seen reviews that preferred the lighter one in the Core.

  • Stability: Apparently the design of the v6 is much more stable. Is this an issue? Is the Core likely to rock to the sides or fall over?

  • Handle / overall weight: not a huge issue as the trainer and bike stay on my back deck basically all year.

  • Wifi connectivity > I haven’t had any issues with bluetooth on my current trainer so don’t think this is a differentiator. The wifi signal on the back deck isn’t great anyway.

  • Action feet > this is something I am interested in. Do they make the ride more comfortable? Are they worth the extra $600?

Although my instinct is usually to buy the best kit I can afford, at the moment I can’t see many reasons to go for the v6. Am I missing anything?

Thank you!

I’d use the $600 extra to buy an insideride eflex for the kickr core! I have used the core before switching to rollers and it won’t rock side to side to flip unless you are actually trying to do that!


Flywheel weight - important if you’re an athlete who want’s to deliver instant bursts of power. Electric resistance is slow. The Kickr Core, Kickr, and H3 are worlds different in 1sec power.

I upgraded from the core to the v5, thinking it would be much better but honestly I noticed very little difference between them

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The core works perfectly for me. All I do are TR 1 hour interval sessions on ERG mode. Most of my training is outdoors. I spent $100 on a used road bike that I leave on the trainer.

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I love my kickr v6, but also got it on a crazy sale of $900. Keep an eye out for sales if you’re not in a rush and you’ll be able to save a bunch for a more robust trainer if that’s what you’re looking for. Memorial Day sales are not too far away.

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Thanks guys - the Core it is! I picked one up yesterday afternoon and rode it today. Very happy with that - ERG mode is quite a change after what I’ve been on :slight_smile:

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agree, the heavier flywheel on the kickr is really nice. On my core, I always really notice when I shift vs when Im on my older cyclops with a heavier flywheel, shifts are almost imperceptible. if youre in erg mode most of the time, this is a completely moot point, more so if youre in standard or zwift. I definitely prefer the heavier one, but probably not at $600 difference. Quick power bursts are for sure better with the heavier wheel

I’m curious. How do you level a Core? Some kind of shim? They appear to have no way to accommodate a floor that isn’t level.

I’d also get a Core and an InsideRide or other movement device over a more expensive Kickr.

Edit: I was actually thinking of getting an InsideRide for my Kickr V2. But since it’s old and loud and reads 20 watts low all the time, part of me was thinking of finding a Core for $400 USD on sale (common to see an REI 20% off deal) and then attaching the InsideRide to that.


Are you open to used? I’m seeing kickrs for like $3-400 on various fb groups every day

Bought a v6 Kickr but mainly for the handle as I have to setup/pack away each time I do an inside ride. Otherwise I would have chosen the core. Or even Zwift trainer or Jet Black