Zwift Duathlon League

Anyone else doing this? How did the first week go for you?

It was smooth sailing for me tech wise so I was happy about that! :joy: Kinda goofy that the results screen after the race and the results on Zwiftpower didn’t match the leaderboard in game though - - I guess they don’t handle the timed events that well. Will be interested to see what the WTRL results look like once they’re up.

ETA: I’ll be happy when I won’t have to follow the Zwift Racing League Tuesday night races with this one! :hot_face:


Done last night, avatar on run kept stoping for few seconds every minute which wasn’t ideal :laughing:

Final results will be sorted by age category


When this was announced it almost made me want to buy a treadmill.


That’s so frustrating when that happens - - you are definitely more aware of signal dropouts on the run since there’s no chance for coasting and you just stop dead in the road.

You can do the run outside if you run Zwift on your phone, and have a footpod. Although, my friend tried that and it seemed to work fine on his short test run, but then when he went longer the reported distance was way low so he’s still trying to figure out what happened there (he didn’t actually get to race since he signed up last night, but they didn’t send the sign-on email).

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Never had that particular problem before, tried loading fit file to zwiftalizer but couldn’t get that work either.

Gave this ago despite falling right in the middle of the worst time of year for me… I’ve done very little biking in the past 1.5-2 months and no speed work on the run.

That said, didn’t pace well on the bike. Tried to redeem myself on the run thought still struggled a bit.

Will continue to give it a go for the rest of the series just to have something look forward to each week.

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Hard core. No way could I race the morning after ZRL.

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They’re at least 24 hours apart, but this week’s ZRL at just over an hour still had lasting effects! :joy: Both leagues end up starting at 9pm for me which isn’t ideal and kills any chance of getting to sleep early and doing a morning workout the next day. (good excuse to sleep in a little later though :grinning:).

Quickly approaching the next round of the series and still no results. :unamused: WTRL has been sending updates saying they’re still working on them and it’s pretty obvious there were some major issues with the results reporting - - in hindsight maybe the first sign of wonkyness was the goofy results screen that didn’t match the leaderboard when time ran out. Hopefully they’ll be able to make use of the week 1 results and they figure out how to get the results up sooner going forward.

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Delay most probably out of wtrl control given zp issues

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WTRL is not happy with Zwift right now and is calling them out for their severe lack of support for Zwiftpower. Some FB posts shared here and a link to a Zwift Forum thread about missing data that gets into more frustrations from people - - not good!

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