Zwift Cog - 3D CAD for Printing?

Does anyone have any 3D cad for the zwift cog? Looking to 3d print my own.

Just buy a single speed converter kit and use that?


you’ll still need to buy the click, wich isn’t sold separately.

I can’t imagine you’re going to get a strong enough cog through 3D printing. :fearful:

@eddiegrinwald I… was thinking the same. I would not trust it.

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I highly doubt he is talking about 3D printing an actual sprocket. I am 99.99% sure he is asking about printing the 2 plastic shrouds/spacers. I mentioned this as an idea when the Cog was initially released. It would be an easy set of parts to design and print, but I have not seen anyone take that on yet.


Why would you want to print one of those?

They can make it easier to install the chain on the cog for one, since it seems like it can help in the initial gear selection if someone picks the wrong gear when removing the wheel. May be a non-issue long term if a person pays attention and shifts to the right cog before they pull the wheel out and install the bike onto the trainer.

Additionally, Ray and others mentioned it helps keep the chain close and easy to reset if someone mistakenly shifts the rear derailleur during riding (instead of the virtual shifter). As creatures of habit, I can easily see this mistake happening with some frequency. The shrouds make it less likely to struggle to get the chain back to the right spot vs a SS conversion with only a cog and spacers.

I really don’t know how much it might help since I haven’t tried it, but I can see it being useful in some cases at least.

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And when you’ve got a 3d printer, you just want to 3d print everything. Spoken from experience and seeing all the random fidgets, toys and garbage lying around the house since I got a hobbyist printer :slight_smile:

Yes, the idea is to 3D print only the inside and outside spacer-guides as indicated by Chad.

My knee jerk reaction is indeed… “Hey that product is plastic, i can 3D print my own and save $$$. Honey, look! See, the 3d printer isn’t just a loud toy. It is a tool.”

I agree there might not be a significant advantage over a single speed conversion kit. It seems like the shape would help to guide the chain onto the gear when fitting the bike. Also, it would help to re-fit the chain if you shift off by accident. It could also help with chain wax dandruff possibly.

Another thought is that you could have two variants to get a straight chainline for big or small ring if you so prefer.

Might have to take this project on this winter (Im in southern hemisphere).

Looking to do the same, Did you ever find one?