Zwift: Assioma Duo vs Kickr Core conflict


Since update 1.15 in Zwift, i’m not able anymore to connect both Favero Assioma duo and Kickr Core at the same time.

Normally, I use the Faveros as power source and cadense sensor, and the Kickr Core as controllable. Now, I can either choose the Faveros as power source (but Kickr Core won’t show up as controllable) or the Kickr Core (but then the Faveros won’t show in the pairing menu).

When choosing one option, the other one completely disappears. Any idea what is going on? I have tried everything (unplugging power, closing apps, uninstall and reinstall app), but all to no avail.

I only have this in Zwift, there seems to be no conflict in TR.

Thanks for the help!

Edit: Apparently it’s a known issue

this is a “Known Issue” in Zwift Forum,… they are working on a patch,… it is IOs and a few Android users reporting also,…
I have had to set my H3 as the PM, cadence, and Controllable to work around ( less than optimal but I can still freeride etc. ) others in that thread have some workarounds you may have success with such as selecting trainer as power source, allowing them to select trainer as controllable then switching back to PM on Power Source,…

I read somewhere a workaround. I think you have to connect the Kickr as both controllable and power source, then disconnect the KIckr as power leaving you the option to connect the pedals as power.

The other suggestion was until the fix, use the Kickr as power.