Help: Kickr Core was unplugged mid workout - now will only read 50% power from Assioma Pedals

Hey guys,

I was doing a workout when my Kickr Core became unplugged. I replugged, resumed the ride- except now, the power metre pedals are only registering 50%.

Ie. TR workout is set to 200w, Powermatch enabled. Assioma’s show 100w Kickr Core 200w therefore I needed to ride at 400w to get the Assioma’s and powermatch to 200w.

I have Assioma Duo’s run via BT. There’s no “double power” function for duo’s on Assioma app. Compatibility settings are set to single channel, as always, when changed to dual channel L/R Trainerroad reads 0 power and nothing works

Please note: In 6 months I’ve never had an issue with powermatch or Assioma’s reading 1/2 power. Only since the Kickr Core was disconnected.

I’ve tried the following.

Rebooting TR, Wahoo Kickr Core and Assioma Pedals several times. Playing with Assioma settings per above.

NB. Using TR/Wahoo’s power reading without Assioma is not an option. I just want it to work as it always had. I’m not interested in any options that don’t run the same setup I was using.


I’d be turning off power match, disconnecting all devices from TR, then reconnecting them and finally turning power match back on (after re-connecting the Assiomas last).

I think I tired that but I’ll try again. Thank you.

Try the following as diagnostic:

  • Using the Wahoo app in ERG mode, control the trainer and see how the power from the ore compares to the Assiomas
  • Using the Wahoo app in sim / resistance mode compare the reported power from the Core to the Assiomas

The other thing you could try is to see if there is a new / updated Firmware for the core. If so, upgrade and see if that fixes things

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Do you mean connect pedals to head unit and app to kickr and then compare? If so will try.

It seems like TR is only picking up half the power. No idea why though. Especially considering I haven’t had this issue in the past.

Firmware is up to date.

No - do not connect the Assiomas to the app interacting with the Core. I’m recommending that you record the Assiomas using a different device (e.g., bike computer). What the above will indicate is if the problem you are seeing is tied to ERG mode, or is more general.

Additionally, just to be careful, have you checked to see if there is an updated firmware for the Assiomas + if anything happened to the Assiomas settings?

Have you done a spin down on the Core since the incident? If not, I would do that in the Wahoo app. Then see if Assiomas (connected to bike computer) and Core (connected to Wahoo app) agree. If not, that’s something to contact Wahoo support for.

If the spin down fixes the Core, Then force quit the Wahoo app and connect the Core to TR. Compare power. If it’s off, do a spin down again in the TR app.

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Hey @AussieRider! I’m glad to see the team was able to run you through some solid troubleshooting steps, and it looks like your workouts and power numbers have been normal since then!

I think that means you’re squared away, but can you let me know if you’re still having issues?

Thanks, mate!

Ha! Thanks Ivy! All is well in the trainerroad world again. Thanks for all your effort and hope you guys had a splendid holiday break.


how did you resolve the issue? Something like removing TR and/or TR data on your computer? Or a setting on the Assiomas?

Uninstalled reinstalled everything recalibrated all devices.

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