Zwift Announces a New Annual Membership Option

Done & Done for my account & my wife’s. Now to find something to spend that extra $60 on :wink:




To be honest, I thought 12.99 GBP Was excellent value. On annual this works out at 10.75 GBP. Bargain.

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Yeah, at the reduced annual rate (effectively $12.50/month USD vs $15.00), I am back to paying what I think was roughly the original monthly price when I started Zwift in Feb 2016. I’ve kept it active since then and welcome the discount since I already kept it active annually.


Now my question is, was this a required prerequisite to increasing monthly pricing, and if so when will that happen. (Since pricing not being sustainable was alluded to in February)

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No idea, but for reference here is some other research I just pulled together for a reply on FB. This is NOT a comprehensive list and just a few I grabbed that were easy (all USD since I’m lazy):

  • TrainerRoad: $190/year vs $20/month ($240 in the year)
  • Wahoo X: $150/year vs $15/month ($180 in the year)
  • Rouvy: $150/year vs $15/month ($180 in the year) And they even have a Black Friday sale now.
  • Fulgaz: $109/year vs $13/month ($156 in the year)

TR is the clear outlier here and might be setting the upper limit that Zwift could aim to reference.

ETA DCR Pricing guide:


Can Zwift also promise to never increase the annual fee? Asking for a friend.

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They said monthly cost will stay the same. That doesn’t mean it won’t in the future… But it isn’t for now. TBF to Zwift. I’ve been on the platform for 6 years and have only had 1 price increase. Not many companies can say that… Well apart from TR on grandfathered pricing!

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To be fair and for balance it’s important to note…many TR users do not pay that full price. That’s only new users and those that signed up after the last increase… probably one of the reasons for the higher charge due to grandfathered pricing.

Everyone on the other platforms pay the same price I believe.

Rouvy at least did offer a “lock it in pricing” a year or so ago prior to the price increase that they made. I don’t use them, but get their emails so I am aware of at least that one example.

Outside of that, the number of legacy price users will only decrease over time as people either leave or leave and return. For those that were not early adopters who also kept to the lower pricing as TR tweaked the option a while back, they will be looking at the current pricing.

Regardless, I only shared the info above as a general reference, not a deep dive in pricing.


Yup, thanks Chad, I appreciate that. I just wanted to provide a bit of context because it is slightly different for TR pricing.

But great news for Zwift subscribers, makes it really good value now.

Ray just released a great pricing guide.


Yes, I think it is still that way. They call it “legacy” accounts. Those who had them and still pay the same price can keep multiple users on one account. But they cannot use the BF offer because it would automatically mean cancellation of features that are no longer available, like this family plan.

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