Zwift Academy Road 2022

Since it was mentioned in another topic, and we didn’t have a topic, I figured I’d start one now.

I am giving this a go after ignoring it for the past several years. This format is not too difficult to fit in and the abbreviated 4 week plan is easier to fit into my schedule than the 8 week ones of prior seasons.


Per the discussion of the Zwift bugs, I
They fixed the Baseline email and I got my data.

I received my email about an hour ago and it was blank. The Zwift forum is lighting up (kind of like the TR Dylan Johnson video topic).

I think the user experience with the 2022 Academy to date does show the clear QA/QC advantage TR has over Zwift.


Great numbers well done.

What I kind of don’t get is why they are showing percentiles when it’s all about personal development. I’m miles from my best and tbh find it dispiriting rather than motivating. YMMV.

It’s incredible how long they took to sort this issue and how little communication there was.

In addition the information about phenotypes is very shallow with virtually no take away. It’s not like there is a phenotype programme to do!

But I like the overall format and generally enjoy the group rides and races on Zwift. I’m doing way more races since I dropped my addiction to structure.


Thanks, I was pleased with the power results and my efforts.

Totally agree on the percentile info. Perhaps it’s the foundation of how they are assigning the phenotype, but it seems unnecessary from what I’ve seen on their direction.

And the whole phenotype thing is odd to me too. They just give the same 6 workouts to everyone, with no adjustments based on their PT. It falls into the “interesting, but useless” category for me.

Outside of comparing the before and after to see any changes, it’s quite superficial. Not to mention that it’s not ideal to have the main evaluation timed right on the heels of the final workout week. Any real potential change would seem to be 1 to 2 weeks after based on typical training adaptations.

But I guess they are just doing short and sweet, maybe to get more people to complete it vs bailing out?


It’s just marketing isn’t it. As you say it’s probably too short for any real gains, you’ve hit the nail on the head with superficial. Unfortunately, despite the many arguments I have made in Zwift defence, it really feeds into the narrative that it’s not for proper training. Bit of an own goal really.

Actually when they started talking about phenotypes and I saw the delivery the first thing that came to mind is oh I know a platform that actually does phenotypes really well…. And started looking at suf again! Bit as I said I do like Zwift racing!

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Exactly! The fact that the “long” or “threshold” effort is the Volcano climb says it all. They should have kept Climbers Gambit, which has a longer climb, and given us a choice like last year. But, then forced the final evaluation ride to which ever you picked for the baseline ride for an an apples to apples comparison.

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Interesting it has my phenotype as a sprinter. At 69kg I consider myself more of a climber :man_shrugging:

Edit: for those wondering, it took approximately 24hr from the baseline ride to receiving the baseline number email.


Nice sprint.

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Thanks! Happy to hit it like that at my age. :wink:

How old are you? I used to have a good sprint back in my road racing days…I’m 55 with two new knees in the last 2 years…800 watts is all I got now…but very glad to still be riding.

48 and soon 49 in Dec. I’ve always had a decent snap, and a focus on BMX this season has helped me hold that solid from 20 to 50 secs or so.

Bummer on your knees, yikes. But so good that you are still on the bike. Way to go. :smiley:

I shouldnt have taken up triathlon in my early 40’s…the running just wrecked my knees. But knee replacements are pretty amazing, they last for 35+ years now. It takes 1-2 years to fully heal…I bet by next year I can hit my old sprint power of 1200+ watts.

Man, that make me happy I have cut way back on running :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had friends with either knee or hip replacement get back to their old abilities in a year to two as well. Kind of amazing.

My surgeon here in Reno has actually had several runners have their knees replaced on gone on to qualify for Boston…he told me I could run again but I really have no desire to plus my PT thinks it would put undo stress on my hips…I really dont want anymore joint replacements.

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I suspect the "science’ behind this is no more complicated than looking at which of the three efforts has you nearest the top of the population (highest %ile) and assigning you a “phenotype” based on that.

Nice results :sunglasses:


I guess you’re right, but even though my w/kg might be OK compared to others, at 69kg I’m lucky to crack 1000W, so still find I struggle in the flat sprints in Zwift against heavier riders that can output higher max W for the sprint effort. It’s a shame they don’t incorporate something like that into their phenotype calculation

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I’m 72kg and momentarily went over 900 watts for the first time ever on the sprint, so you’re still well ahead of me. :grin:

I was happy with my pacing and effort on the two climbs, though. :sunglasses:


Do you know if you will be able to do make up workouts? I missed the first one now I cant find it anywhere.

Group workouts happen every hour. You can also do any of the workouts at anytime on your own. They are located in the workouts section under the Zwift Academy 2022 drop down menu.