Dual Trainer Workouts - Simultaneous Ant + Transmission

I finally have my better half starting TR and have her bike set up beside mine. There may be occasion that we are both on bikes same time. Will there be any crossover of Ant + transmission to opposite computer? Or would it be best to have one bike utilizing Bluetooth protocol? My two bikes are Favero / Powertap pedal based PM’s and can transmit Bluetooth, hers has Power2Max and is Ant +. Any information would be appreciated. GP

No issues. All sensors (be it ANT+ or BLE) have a specific pairing ID, and will only take/read data from that paired sensor.

Many people do side by side workouts all the time (including myself). Enjoy!


I didn’t think so, but I don’t want her to get frustrated. Or, think she has my watts and teases me! Thank you for the input - love your forum as well.