Your thoughts....TR needs some abbreviated/shorter plans

Xert is far from a polished product. It shows potential along a new path, but they don’t have it locked down by any means.

We haven’t even seen what TR has to offer. Just hints at this point. Who knows the people and experience they have behind the scenes? It’s far from the dozen or so they once had. I think it’s a mistake to count them out when we haven’t even see what they have up their sleeve.

Couple that with their massive database of existing users, workouts and such, and I see TR as having a solid opportunity to make their place in that realm. The when AI field is totally new with more ahead of it than behind it. I expect TR will be a big part of that new direction.

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I think you’re in for a world of hurt if you try to rely on Xert to build your training plan. Some of the numbers and estimating it does are interesting, but a coaching replacement it is not.

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I love it when people mention AI like it will solve the worlds problems :smile: I have not listened to the Velonews podcast but I’m fairly engaged in software circles.

In reality THE WORLD is far from true artificial intelligence. What the big five have working is called machine learning (ML for short). Aaaaaand when it comes to machine learning the general rule is garbage in garbage out. There are so many factors that affect your training. Didn’t quite get the sleep you thought you did? Were you sick… or sick sick? Work stress a little higher than usual? Family life a mess? I would love a computer program to spit out bespoke training plans for everyone. I just think we’re a long ways away from that.

If it did come from anyone I would expect it to come from one of the big wearable companies first. Those guys are the ones already collecting tonnes of health data.


When I mention AI training plans, I am referring to something much more basic.

You input:

*weeks to event,
*days per week to train,
*current FTP
*type and length of event

The program would select which weeks from current TR training plans to insert into your calendar from the time available.

What you describe is fairly simple and I’d be surprised if TR is not already well on their way towards that. Its not much more than using the app to guide you through the existing text explanations of how to pick a plan.

To really move the ball forward on Intelligent use of data to automatically prescribe specific training the system is going to have to make individual assessments of general fitness and weaknesses and then prescribe workouts to create a plan to maximize improvements that is specifically tailored to the individual. Instead of just inputting X weeks to the event, the system is going to have to have good data on your current fitness (broader than just FTP) and how you respond to training inputs. At a minimum this could be based on general theories (kind of what we have now) but the goal is making those prescriptions based on how an individual will respond to specific training inputs based on historical data and testing. Basically, the goal is replicating what a high level personal coach does with his/her athletes, but using software so you can still make money doing this on a mass scale at $

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