Create a Training Plan for 10 Mile Time Trials [Feature Request]

As easy as that really, 10 mile (16km) TTs are the bread and butter of the UK time trialling scene and riding them is very different to riding a 25m (40km) event.


Hey there!

We have an article on Time Trial Training that explains what plans we recommend for each duration of TT.

Here is an excerpt:

Short Duration

For prologues or short hill climb time trials that are ten minutes or less in duration, your training focus will be wholly set on improving your power at VO2 Max.

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II

Build: Short Power Build

Specialty: Gravity

Medium Duration

For time trials that are between 10-15 minutes, your focus will be split between sustainable power and raising your power at VO2 Max.

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II

Build: Sustained Power Build

Specialty: Climbing Road Race

Long Duration

Most time trials fall between this 15-70 minute spread, and this is where sustainable power is the prime focus.

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II

Build: Sustained Power Build

Specialty: 40K Time Trial Specialty

Extra Long Duration

For time trials longer than 70 minutes, you will be operating below your threshold, so while sustainable power is still key, the intensity will be lower.

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II

Build: Sustained Power Build

Specialty: Century Plan


Thank you for the link however I’m still of the opinion that training for an event which in duration terms is almost 3 times as long is inherently different and deserves its own plan. I guess it’s not going to happen though by the sound of it.

If you would like to shift your training to be a bit more focused on the shorter 16km efforts, completing the training for Mid-Distance will give your legs more snap.

Base: Sweet Spot Base I&II

Build: Sustained Power Build

Specialty : Climbing Road Race

I know that the outline puts the cutoff at 15min, but there is some wiggle room there based on your goals, and what you feel you need to focus on in your training.

At the moment, we don’t have plans to add further TT training plans. I’m sorry :pensive:.


Thanks Bryce.

I’m terrible at Time Trials, so as is my nature I’ve already set my goal for next year to improve my 10 Mile TT (currently over 25 minutes). I’ll pick up the long duration one I think, if I train for 40k, 16 should be easy, right? :wink:

I do agree that some specialist stuff for more UK scene stuff would be a very welcome feature though. There’s nothing for our punchy Hillclimbs (except generic VO2max stuff) or the more popular TT lengths, which are the bulk of the Amateur racing scene over here.

It does suck having to adapt stuff from other plans in an app specifically designed for specialist training.

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Guys, Trainer Road already produce a huge range of plans, as well as the feature to create your own custom workouts. They can’t make everything 100% specific to you, that’s what the workout creator is for.


Is the Lolita workout not close enough to a 10 mile TT?

Edit: Oh you want an entire Training Plan not just workout…

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Thanks for the reply @Bryce , if you don’t ask you don’t get.

I’m not a time trialist, but would like to ask out of interest.

Wouldn’t you train for sustained power and then adapt the % effort for the 10 mile for your expected finish time, likely above 100% FTP?

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I generally do 10 mile TTs at between 1.05 and 1.08 IF.


So what harm would just one more do? It’s not happening anyway so I’m cool with that.

More harm than using the tool that they have already put a lot of work in to providing you with

Just one more from you, one more for my specific needs, one more for all the front runners who want a “polarized” plan, one more for MTB’ers, one more for Gravel Fondo’s, one more for Leadville, one more for Karen so she can smash the Sunday Coffee ride, one more for juniors, one more for kids attempting their first kidical mass, J U S T one more…no harm at all.

I’m just fucking with you, but you can see where it leads. Anyway, good luck in your upcoming season I’d like to give one of these shorter TT’s a try in the spring myself.

A quick search of the TraingPeaks plan store turned up this :wink:

But in fairness to TR, of the 1460 road cycling plans on TP, the 3 flavors of this plan are the only ones specifically mentioning 10 mile TTs.

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One plan really means 3 when you cover the Low, Mid and High volumes.

Overall, it requires the time to build it initially, and then potential upkeep over time. The initial may take some decent time while the upkeep is likely minimal since they seem to keep changes like that to roughly a couple of years between them at the closest.

This all goes to the “Goldilocks” issue because we have seen many, many requests for new plans like this, as well as the “in between” plans like Low-Mid and Mid-High. Each one seems simple / obvious / easy to add, but the reality is far from that when you look passed the pure request.

As mentioned in the other threads requesting these things, there are likely different / new tools headed our way to manage these more specific plan needs / desires. If those work as hinted, they may eliminate the need for “more plans” and make manipulation of the existing ones easier and more specific to each user.


Woah this escalated more than I thought it would.

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Not really. It’s just info to give more background and show that “simple” requests are usually not as simple as we might expect or want them to be.

It was just a feature request, @Bryce gave me the most informative and official ‘staff’ answer, it seems most others have just jumped down my throat for daring to ask the question in the first place.
This does seem to happen quite a lot on this forum, voice a different opinion and the keyboard piranhas attack. I’m not sure how people would cope on our UK TT forum :grin::grin:.


Nobody has jumped down your throat or attacked you. We are just pointing out the impacts you havent considered with your request. It was done in a respectful and constructive manner. It seems you’re the one who’s struggling with handling differing opinion

I think it is worth asking. FWIW I have high regard for the existing TR plans but despite the number of them, they are very limited once you consider that most people only do one discipline and are at a particular level (low, mid or high). When that is taken into account your “choice” is limited to a small handful of 26 week or so progressions with, realistically for most people, one base choice and a fairly narrow choice of how to do your build and specialty. That can work great and does but it is a “take or leave it” approach by the company.

TR really should get a bit more flexible and increase their range of offerings. My suspicion is their software is not flexible enough to make this as easy as it should be and that’s the roadblock.

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