Your CR2032 Choices

Hi all,

I would like to ask if you have a special CR2023 battery brand preference?

Last time I got the cheapest and it only lasted 2 weeks and went dead at middle of the race.

I’ve tried various no-name brands as well as recognized brands like Energizer and Duracel, and I find that the latter lasts longer.

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Panasonic is my go to. Sony are also okay.

Just stick with the name brands. I find the bulk ones you get on amazon don’t last nearly as long. Very much a “You get what you pay for” kind of thing.


My understanding is that many of the name brand cells on amazon are counterfeit. I’ve been using the duracell batteries with the bitter coating the last couple years with good results. I read somewhere that the counterfeiters are less likely to try to replicate duracell due to the coating. I have no idea if that’s true or just internet conjecture, but it makes logical sense to me. But if you are going to use them, make sure you clean the bitter coating off with a quick alcohol wipe before installing. I know SRAM/Quarg recommend not using duracell because the coating can affect conductivity.

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This is definitely a problem on Amazon, not just for batteries but everything. You have to watch out for who the product is sold by. If it is sold by Amazon, it’s probably legit… sold by someone else (other than the manufacturer) there is a chance it’s fake or a factory reject.


Is there a difference if they’re fulfilled by Amazon?

I remember reading that Amazon consolidates all products in their warehouse. So there’s no difference between buying from Amazon or a different seller if they’re fulfilled by Amazon.

If that’s the case, the chance of getting a fake when it’s sold by Amazon is lower but there’s still a reasonable chance.

I haven’t spent a penny at Amazon in 6 or so years and will avoid at all cost, so I don’t have a problem with getting fake junk.

Batteries from the grocery store work fine for me.


My first preference is to use CR2032 batteries… :wink:

That said, Varta is widely used by many power meter companies due to stability.

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Everyone seems to indicate that there is a difference, but I’m not entirely sure. They definitely do pool items from third party sellers, but maybe they keep their own stuff separate? Not sure.

Varta is the brand I use. Easy to find from my local shops and the performance is solid.

Been using the Amazon Basics CR2023 batteries for awhile and havent had any problems so far. I agree though with it being a gamble on buying some of the “name” brands on there as I’ve bought Energizer batteries from Amazon before and some didnt last very long or were just completely dead.

I usually gravitate to Energizer.

I’ve had good luck with no name batteries and bad luck with premium branded (duracell :angry:) ones and crc2032 batteries seem to suck in general I tend to gravitate towards the premium branded ones. The most trouble free so far seem to be Panasonic

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