CR2032 battery - extended warranty!?

Is this really a thing - an extended warranty for a coin cell battery?

My stages 1st gen power meter battery died last night and so I asked my wife whilst she was in town to pick up a replacement. She did so and the guy in the store offered her an extended warranty for $1.30 CND?

If the battery dies within one year you get up to two replacements and something for the next two years but not sure what just yet, just bring in battery and receipt. As its a 1st Gen Stages it eats batteries when riding in cold and wet and I go through 3-4 a year.

Looks like I have solved my battery issue, new power meter was the other option!

If anyone else in Canada is interested it was at the Source

FWIW we ran out of high-quality Sony CR2032 and I just purchased a replacement set from Amazon:

$6.85 US for 15 batteries, with a use by date of 2029.

I’ve got a 3rd gen Stages, its dual-sided and goes thru 6-8 batteries a year.

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They know that for every 10 people that buy these warranties, 8 or 9 will lose their receipt, forget about, and never collect on it.


You win!

For my deal to beat this my wife will need to go into the store 13 times and claim on the warranty!

Challenge accepted!

I will look into this next time for sure just need to be more organised and think ahead!

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What is the price in CND?

$7.99 - that’s about the going rate for good quality up here without going online.

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Curious, what is the Amazon price in CND for that 15 pack?

Princess Auto, a dozen on a blister pack card. Cheap AF and actually last a decent amount. I pick a pack up every time I’m there whether I need them or not.

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Once a season I buy the amazon pack linked for 2032. Between PM’s, HR straps, and then other random appliances that need them that gets me through a year. For $12 prime to my door.

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12.99 plus free shipping for first order

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That’s just round the corner! Great to know

Sometimes in with Surplus, sometimes near the cash. I also stock up on those stretchy red or white silicone LED lights too

I’ll say this. I picked up duracell 2032s and I’m going through one a week atm. Disgraceful

Is every CR2032 battery the same, is there a difference in quality or is it just the usage that determins how long they last?

This doesn’t bode well for the eight I purchased yesterday… :confounded:

My Stages Gen 3 goes through batteries like they’re Clif Bloks. It has actually occurred to me that my indoor cycling isn’t environmentally friendly. Need to find a battery recycling centre, quickly.

Just remember you can’t eat those new bitter tasting ones!

Edit: please don’t eat any batteries even if they look delicious!

Its the cold. It’s 0C here so my battery drains fast

My stages eats batteries too, but I got rechargable CR2032 with something else, so now use those. I didn’t even know you could get rechargable coin cell batteries. The amount of batteries I went through was really starting to annoy me.

And there were issues with the bitter tasting ones in some devices. I think Gplama or dcrainmaker did a vid about it last year.

The battery in my Stages (gen 2) lasts many months. I wonder if your Stages is not turning off. Is something staying connected to it? Phone?

Googling I see that Stages says to check for o-ring, tabs on battery door, and water intrusion.