SRAM Power Meter Battery Update (No Bitter Duracell)

I just got the following notification via email:

Battery compatibility notice

The newest Duracell CR2032 batteries are not compatible with SRAM and Quarq power meters.

Use of a Duracell battery with a bitter coating ring will result in symptoms similar to a drained or low battery.

These could include:

  • No wake or pairing possible
  • Loss of combined cadence and power for extended periods
  • No LED function

Duracell 2032 Lithium Coin Battery with Bitter Coating - bitter coating ring added as a swallowing deterrent.


I thought my LED burned out!!! I’ve also noticed my power numbers haven’t been stable I figured it was from me being out of shape :joy: now I can blame Duracell

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I dare you to knock this battery off my shoulder.



(Wrong brand, but still worth a share)


Is it definitely just Duracell at the moment?

Edit: ah never mind, the AU site I got redirected to didn’t show any packaging details for the bittering feature, if I go to the en-US site it shows the details.

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… and now I want to know what they taste like.


Move over Tide Pods…


So Aussies don’t need to worry for the moment?

Don’t know, maybe they just haven’t updated the website. Looks like the packaging is pretty clearly marked though?

Nintendo switch game cards have a similar coating, they taste pretty awful … :face_vomiting:

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I like Duracell as a brand, and support their attempts to keep the product from being accidentally swallowed by small children. When my son was little, it was shocking what he’d stuff in his mouth. (Now that he’s a teenager, I suppose it’s even more shocking.).

Nonetheless, this is what gripes me:

These damn things are IMPOSSIBLE to open without slicing your hand apart. Ever try to replace one during a coffee stop or before an important event? Getting these things out from their blister packs is (almost) worse than living through 2020 in the USA.

I wish they offered ‘adult’ versions of this product, like aspirin, that could be easily opened.


I feel your pain! Every time I try and open one of those there’s a lot of swearing.

I just bought 12 of these off eBay and we’ve been struggling with my wife’s quarq on her SpeedConcept, got the email this week, went to the store and bought a non-duracell and its working again. I’ve run only duracell’s in our quarq’s and HRMs for the last 5 years, other brand recommendations?

I use the recommended Renata 2450N battery for my Power2Max and it’s worked well. Picked up their 2032 sized batteries as I’m finally through the cheapo Phillips bulk packing I bought years ago (they work fine in all the devices they fit in but run out of juice pretty fast). So far using the Renata in a garage door opener and the wife’s LED candles have yielded very good results.

Will eventually put fresh ones in my quarq and Garmin Ant+ sensors next (probably next spring most likely).