Your Best Pre and Post Workout Meals + Timing

My favorite: two sliced bananas, 3/4c dry oats, chia seeds, milk, enjoy :slight_smile: I will also do a Syntha-6 protein shake. I must preface this with I took myself completely off protein shakes, but I did have a half container of protein powder left, so I decided to utilize it. I’m not a nutritionist; however, I do know most, if not all, protein powders are full of crapola fillers. I like to get mi protein source from whole foods

Yeah I’m also on the bike within 30min of waking but I’ve found the VO2max work in the build sessions to burn too much if I don’t get something down the hatch. So I drink ~24oz of Mountain Dew first thing, that gets me both caffeine and 300 cal of easy to digest carbs. I also fuel with a 1-3 gels during the workout, to keep things moving and in an attempt to lower the RPE to something manageable.

For weekday SS efforts or lower intensities I don’t take on any calories beforehand and I’m fine.

I’m too an early bird, typically up between 2-4am depending on the work roster and workout, on the bike in 30mins. Currently midway-ish of HV plans.
Before I’ll have a black coffee and pop a couple of dates… if I remember. Appetite doesn’t exist at those hours :joy:
During is 2 bottles of water and a handy Gu gel. Occasionally one bottle has skratch hydration. Used to have it for most workouts in the summer but the mornings are super chilly now (aussie winter), generally not a big sweater at all.
After is typically a race to work. Quickly throw together a bowl of overnight oats, yogurt and fruit to scoff down (literally, struggle is real :weary:). While I do this I also make a bigger container of the same stuff for work break in late morning.

I always keep a large container of creamy overnight oats, with all kinds of seeds and nuts. I hate them gritty. They absorbed so much more liquid if you pour boiling water over them first, let sit for 15, stir well, and then add in colder flavoured liquid (juice/milk/creams). Refrigerate.

The main thing that helped me greatly is upping my dinners. Typically its a BIG bowl of potatoes or pumpkin (whatever on sale), grains, greens and beans. My mum jokingly calls it the pigs trough haha. I’ll aim to have dinner around 5pm.
The most difficult thing so far is finding the time to have my meals, and since work is getting busier I simply can’t get that break… the Irony is that I work in a cafe haha :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’ve posted similar elsewhere, but when I am finishing a ride at home (either outdoors or the trainer) one of my go to quick pre-shower recovery meals is Oatmeal with a Banana and whey protein added in.

This gives me 27g carb, 5g protein (oatmeal), 23g carb (banana), and 11g protein (whey) - for 50g carb and 16g protein. Around the right ratio for a recovery shake and stays with you a bit longer to help keep me from over-eating post-ride

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