Nutrition strategy around work schedule

Hello all,

I need some suggestions in order to optimize my nutrition strategy during weekdays in order to get the most out of my training sessions and reduce RPE. I try to do the hardest sessions from Tuesday to Thursday in descending TSS order, then I take Friday off and do a couple of endurance rides on the week-end if life doesn’t get in the way.

I work Monday to Friday from 8AM to 1PM and from 2Pm to 5PM. On workout days I have a light breakfast at 7AM, then I have a carb rich lunch at 1PM, I train at 6 or 7PM (On the bike I try to take in 80g-90g of carbs per hour since I’m still trying to work my way up to 120g) and I have a carb and protein rich dinner right after.

During the week-ends I have no particular constraints so I can fuel those rides optimally, but in my working days I cannot have a big carb rich meal 2-3 hours before the training session because I’m supposed to work at that time, a snack is still an option though.

Any recommendations? How do you plan out your nutrition on work days?

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How long are the midweek sessions you’re doing and how many calories are they burning?

I would say a good lunch and then a mid afternoon snack to top up your carb levels should be fine if you’re also fuelling during the rides. If you’re sitting at a desk then you’re not depleting your glycogen levels much, if you have a more active job then may need a more substantial snack.

I also don’t think it’s necessary to train yourself up to doing 120g carbs/hour unless you’re doing the kind of epic all day or multi day events where your need to fuel at that level. For those events you’re also likely to be riding at tempo a lot which is an easier intensity to max out carb intake than most TR sessions.


I’d just keep fruit and snacks like nuts handy all day. But recognize that not all have that ability. I think picturing all of your nutrition as a day long process and not separate into on bike/recovery etc is also helpful. allows a larger, more holistic look for planning how much you need and when.

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My goal events for next year are gran fondos. That’s why I believe that a good nutrition plan could do me more than one favor.

Regarding the midweek sessions: I do a mid volume plan and I’ve swapped the sessions so that I do the Saturday and Sunday rides first, then the Tuesday and the Thursday one if I have any legs left on Friday. I skip the short endurance ride because I’ll be doing as many Z2 miles on the week-end as I have the time to… It’s a mellow gran fondo simulation of sorts. It adds both specificity and the joy of a group ride to the plan, which is a nice change after beating myself down the whole week.

Below is a ballpark of my week during SSBMV1 and 2:
DAY 1 1h30m: 1000 Kcal
DAY 2 1h30m-2h : 1300 Kcal
DAY 3 1h: 700Kcal
DAY 4 1h: 700Kcal
DAY 5 3h-5h: >2000 Kcal

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I think that your overall structure is fine but would definitely be looking to get a snack in an hour before your session to top up the carbs… nothing too heavy though.

I work from home so train during my “lunch hour” at 1pm during the week… lead in would be breakfast with the family at 7am (100g / 400kcal carbs), and then a snack at 11am, today was a banana and bagel with peanut butter (70g / 280kcal carbs)… todays session is sweet spot burning 900kcal and will probably prepare a carb drink with 50g / 200kcal in it.

I’ll come in from the bike a prepare a “square meal” lunch.


your solid lunch at 1pm should be fine for the workouts later; I’d increase the breakfast if you’re thinking that you’re still a bit low on energy. from 3pm onwards I’d keep the fuel to liquid; any sports drink should be fine or a mix of your usual powder.



Got it! Thank you all for sharing your advise.
Basically I’m going to do the following: I’ll rely on a good lunch to do most of the heavy lifting and I’ll add a snack around 4PM to keep blood sugar up 'till I’m on the bike.

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