You know you are going well when

…you break the trainer!

A couple of loud clicks and lost all resistance to the H2 Hammer flywheel. I ordered a new one on and Followed this video for installation instructions.


Odd that the belt looks like an H2 but the yellow release levers are from an H1. At least the belts are available so that’s a win

CycleOps Hammer (H1) and Saris H2 are effectively identical mechanically. The only notable differences are the yellow color accents on the Hammer (H1), while the H2 went black/gray.

CycleOps Hammer (H1)

Saris H2

So the trainer above is like the Hammer (H1).

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During my whole H3 debacle I was sent a pulley which seems like it was for H1, definitely not like what my H2 had and was more “toothy”. This made me assume the H1 and H2 use a slightly different belt since the rounded tooth profiles on what I know my H2 had wouldn’t work with this. I never got inside my H1 when I had it

The replacement parts are:

Hammer & H2 (Cog)

H3 (Rib)

Rib vs Cog

  • image
  • Note the direction of the grooves:
    • Rib is along the belt length/loop
    • Cog is perpendicular to the belt length/loop

So the Hammer and H2 are identical in cogged pulley and belt usage, especially since they sell the same kit for both.

IIRC, the one you received was a “bumped” pulley that was meant to combat the H3 belt slip from their original smooth pulley design that was slipping under the Ribbed belt.

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I also got one of these. No idea what it’s for since it doesn’t look like it works with either belt.

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Ahhh, I forgot about that one. Sure looks like a regular cogged pulley to me. I think they were grasping at straws back then to solve their slip issue, and throwing literally everything at it :wink:

Everything except the obvious and correct solution. I guess it beats having to admit a mistake lol

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