Saris H3 - Broken Flywheel

Training going really well with TR programme.

But now I have broken the flywheel off my SARIS H3.

Please can I ask if someone knows where I can get replacement flywheel in UK - thanks.

Have you tried contacting Saris?

Mine cracked but at the opposite side of yours - closer to the outside. This happened 1 month after the warranty expired. Saris was really good and shipped me a replacement unit.

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Not to hijack the topic but my H3 is approaching 2 years old now, what maintenance if any or parts do you guys replace? Early on I had to get a different belt as the original was getting ate up (red dust coming from inside the trainer and a constant squeaking). But otherwise haven’t done anything with it.

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My replacement is approaching 2 years as well. I’ve done zero maintenance. Its still working great.