Yeti SB115 and Yeti bikes

I’m interested in a XC bike as my transition patrol is way too gnarly for XC rides. Any thoughts? Never had a yeti either so would be interest in people’s experience with yeti frames

Lots of discussion, not much on Yeti specifically though.

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I have a 2017 SB 4.5. Never had any issue with the frame. After one year or so it started making a “clicking noise”, so took it to the LBS and mechanic did the maintenance work on the moving parts (removing, cleaning and greasing bots, bushings, etc), problem gone. I replaced the BB myself 2x (changing cranks) and it was ok (no creaking).

I got this bike as my “do it all machine”, back then I used to race XC (nothing too serious, cat2) and it was ok, even with the 140mm fork. I had to move countries and the place I live now has much gnarlier trails so I got wider tires and the bike still rides ok. I’m not the fastest going downhill on group rides but that has much more to do with my lack of skills than with the bike.

If I move again to a location with less steep and technical trails I the SB100 would be number 1 on my list.

They’re good, but they’re a boutique brand meaning you’re paying some extra for the name.

Yep. Generally more expensive for a given spec vs some other brands. They are very popular here in Colorado - but more for trail/enduro than XC I.e. the SB130 and SB150.

Thanks, I read a review about the sb100 having numerous issues with the linkages hopefully ironed out now but that looks a good option too

Think I prefer smaller brands and they do look cool too

It’s also worth mentioning the yeti is more of a xcm bike, versus xco. Depending what you’re looking for.

The Transition Spur might be right up your street.

Ah yes, that’s new right? Not looked into the bike

Yes, it looks sweet. Saw one in the shop the other day and if I hadn’t just bought a Norco revolver FS120 then that would have been my new bike. The only thing I didn’t like was the external rear brake cable. Just aesthetics I guess but I would prefer the cleaner look.

I was looking pretty hard at the SB100 vs the Blur vs the Epic. What hurt Yeti for me, was 1) not a lifetime frame warranty, 2) a while back, yet had creaking issues. I also ruled out Scott for the same reason.

I know 99% of people don’t use the frame warranty, but I keep my bikes 10 years, and don’t ride enough to feel I’ve gotten my monies worth from them after only 3 or 4 years.

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Yeti does have a lifetime warranty. From their site, using the SB115 as an example, but its the same for all their bikes.


The SB115 frame and Switch Infinity link are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. You can race, jump, ford streams, shred the gnar or ride it hard. Don’t worry, you don’t need a lawyer to decipher how it works.

It looks like there was another design shange to the switch infinity for the SB115 to address the creaking and stiffness issues some noted in the SB100, the review below shows a side-by-side photo. Adding thread engagement allows it to be secure on both sides - hopefully it fixes the problems.

I just pre-ordered a 115 in the C2 build. Estimated delivery for me sometime in August - I will try to provide an update on my thoughts here once I spend some time on it.

I’m planning on it being my only mountain bike. I only race mountain bikes a few times a year, and mostly short track. It’s not often or serious enough to justify having a separate race bike. I am more of a “trail rider” that enjoys pushing uphill PR’s as I do pushing the limits on descents. I also prefer mildly technical riding over full-blown enduro courses. The SB115 seems to be a great bike for my situation.

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Oh, I wonder if that’s changed since I looked, or if I had another reason for removing them from the shortlist. I know the SB100 was heavier for the $$ than the Blur.

With a lifetime warranty, and if there’s some good LBS support if creaks occur, I’d put them in the mix next time

Interesting. The 2019 sb100 had those creaking issues, I wonder if it was fixed on the 2020? Looking forward to reading your review.

I do a similar sort of riding to you, my transition patrol is way too much for riding all but the most crazy of trails…like driving a formula 1 car to the supermarket

Hopefully it has been fixed. From what I can find there were three versions of the switch infinity for the SB100, the original that creaked and then two updates that either came loose or reduced the stiffness of the rear end. The SB115 has a “fourth” update to the switch infinity attachment hardware that appears to have a good chance at fixing both. Not sure if that design change has flowed into the 100 yet.

And yeah I know the feeling of being on too much bike most of the time. Racing at lot of cross made me realize I would rather be under-biked 20% of the time than over-biked 80% of the time. Being on a bike that is “too small” for the terrain is actually pretty fun.

I hear you. How do you find sizing on yeti? The Yeti guide pretty accurate?

Look carefully at the Spesh lifetime warranty on their FS bikes. The rear triangle is classified as ‘suspension linkage’ and not covered under the lifetime warranty…I know many people burned by this warranty caveat.