Help me compare two bikes

So here’s where I’m at.

I’m talking to two owners about two totally different bikes.

Bike 1: yeti sb100, great build with carbon wheels.

Bike 2: Ibis Ripmo V1. Also great build with I9 wheels

My thoughts are that the Yeti would be a bike I’d ride almost everywhere. The Ripmo would see more time in Western NC Pisgah area, than on my local trails.

I’m 5’-9” 152 lbs. I ride a lot of trails near the house about 80% of the time with trips up to Pisgah on occasion. My normal riding is more in the XC long ride range. 3 hours or more.

What do y’all think?


The clear answer is that you need both! The SB100 is basically the perfect bike for your normal riding though, so that’s the one you should prioritize. You can ride it at Pisgash within a reasonable speed limit and as long as you’re not trying to follow your friends on big bikes down hard trails.

Edit: also I think I’d recommend size L in both bikes for you, You’re on the border between M and L based on your height but especially if you value downhill performance at speed I think the L with a shorter stem is the way to go. Medium would be OK too, you’d have a little more maneuverability and playfulness at the expense of stability at speed.

Clear as mud!!

I appreciate the response, that’s what I was thinking as well.
I have a medium Pivot Mach4SL that may go on the chopping block once I get the SB100.

That would open the door to the longer travel bike.