New Yeti Bikes, anyone? [MTB]

Has anyone heard, seen, or smelled any new releases coming from Yeti?

I demoed a SB130 about a year ago and almost pulled the money out to get it. Did end up on a used SB100 and really liked it, but wanted more XC, less trail from it.

They haven’t done much change, except for the Ebike, which I haven’t heard much about since it came out.

I’d love to see a dedicated, true XC bike, but I don’t think they are on that trajectory.

Anyone have any ideas?


The million $$$ question everyone wants answered. I am on a 21’ SB130 and I am not sure I can give this bike up any time soon. It’s a true do it all. I am not sure we will see a true XC bike. I think we will see a 120, 140, 160 and 165. Seems like a lot of bikes are going to the 120 range, with how amazing the bikes pedal.


They could do a 120 XC bike, a lot of companies are going that route. Could they use the Switch Infinity and still make it light enough???

LOL. May be bad for the brand if I read the headline and think, “are they coming out with a new coffee cup?”


I’m sure that “Yeti” is coming out with many new coffee cups, tumblers, and large coolers.

I think it is gray for the brand…at least from a cyclist’s perspective. Every time I see a Yeti cup or cooler, I think of the bikes.

The guy who now owns Yeti recruited me to my last job in the bike biz. Not certain what their plans are, but I don’t think a true XC bike is how they currently view the brand.


I had an Sb5.5 and it was among my favorite bikes ever. I now have a new firebird and an epic for XC.

The switch infinity is really a great system. If you want to stay more XC the SB100 with a fox 34sc would be my choice. Geomotry on MTB’s has steadied and theres really nothing significant on the horizon for MTB’s IMO.

Sb100 w/ remote lockout on the rear would be a great short travel do it all bike. Rece wheels/tires for XC and trail wheels for every day would be a great setup.

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The 2022 SB130 changed the rear shock to a Float X over the DPX2 and it’s a massive improvement to the characteristics and capabilities of the bike.

I am very lucky and picked up a T3 spec 2022 SB130 and sprung for the EXC 1501 carbon wheel and Eagle AXS upgrades. It is a ridiculously amazing and capable bike - far exceeding what my abilities will ever be.

I was between the SB130 and SB150, but for the type of riding I do which is really just XC/Trail/Chill Enduro, the SB130 is already overbiked. As a general rule, I don’t go down anything I didn’t pedal up myself, so I’m not hitting the parks with it. That’s not really my jam, and if it was I’d want more bike than the SB150 anyways to buffer my lack of ability.

I’m unreasonable and spoiled so I went for the max spec, but it’s a rad bike in any spec.

These are also long bikes. I’m 5’11 / 178cm, and got a medium, I absolutely would not want a large - but I also hate big bikes, however the consensus on Yetis is that they are long. Definitely demo one of you are unsure.

Edit: If you have a '21 SB130 and feel the itch to do something to it - just swap that rear shock out for a Float X. You will now have a '22 and a more capable machine.

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Add me to the list of people thinking this was drinkware/cooler. I was hoping they were coming out with a cycling bottle/hydration pack. :laughing:

I have three friends who work at Yeti. They all sold their 130s within the last month.

Take that for what it’s worth.


Would like to know what’s on the horizon.

I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean: the SB100 is a modern XC bike just like e. g. BMC’s FourStroke. They feature a more relaxed geometry to cope with the gnarlier features found on many XC courses these days.

So when you say “you want a bike that is more XC”, a “true” XC bike, what do you actually mean?

Head tube height/Stack would be chief amongst the changes I’d expect.

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Sure, but what for? What differences in handling, etc. do you want to see at the end? Tweaks to the geometry flow from that.

Well it’s not really long and low like a modern XC bike. It’s trail bike tall.


Are we both talking about the SB100 or SB130? I was talking about the SB100, and to my understanding it was one of the early “new generation” XC bikes that took a few design ideas from trail bikes.

As far as I can tell, Yeti’s bikes rank as follows (I know I am excluding some, but those are probably not relevant to our discussion):

SB100: Modern XC bike
SB115: Downcountry bike
SB130: Sporty trail bike with “little” travel akin to Pivot’s 429
SB150: “Proper” trail bike

I haven’t dived deep into every competitors XC/DC bike, but comparing to my own bike in XL the SB115 and SB100 have much taller headtubes leading to more stack, and have less reach, with pretty much the same STA. They also have slightly higher Bottom Brackets as far as I can tell, though I always get confused there.

Even comparing to an Epic Evo they are both taller and less long.

I would say it was more:
SB100 = modern XC bike, which was advanced at the time but didn’t go far enough.

SB115 = went further in the direction of trail than XC/DC.

I don’t doubt that like summised above, they probably just don’t much care to align with XC racing.


I think that is a good characterization, the SB100 is 4 (?) years old at this point and has been overtaken by other bikes. As a smaller manufacturer, it makes sense to cull models that don’t sell all that well. The SB115 seems much more versatile in my book, and probably most people are better off with a burly XC bike than a racy XC bike.

With that in mind, I would still like to understand better what @HumpDiesel means when he says “more XC”. It could very well mean “add another splash of trail bike”.

My impression is that Yeti doesn’t built Worldcup race machines, but bikes for “regular” people. I have noticed that some manufacturers have done something similar, the “cheaper” short-travel fullys go more in the direction of trail bikes and feature a different suspension geometry. The full race-bred full sus is then priced above. An example would be Trek’s Top Fuel vs. its Supercaliber, which start at $2,700 and $4,300. I know the Top Fuel has more travel, but my point is that if you are on a budget, you can’t buy a Trek XC fully at this point. Trek isn’t the only one.

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I take your point, but I don’t think Trek is the prime example of trail vs XC geo, at least in my opinion. The Top Fuel is still very modern XC geo, far better than either of the Yeti options. Trek have their XC Supercal priced exceptionally high, but they also don’t offer a lower spec version.

I think Yeti were probably aiming for XC and landed on a super capable trail bike :man_shrugging:.

The question is, would they, or should they build a bike that leans more heavily into XC. To me that means longer and lower and stick with their other general ideas. Does a switch link XC bike make sense? I think it seems like an awesome idea, but a lot of brands have moved to single pivot set ups and have achieved the same sort of supportive platform and overall suspension performance in a significantly lighter package.


Yeti 50mm travel gravel bike. Only way they’ll stay relevant…lol :rofl: