Xpedo’s Omni power meter pedals, expected July 2024 US$750-900

Xpedo is the latest brand getting into the power meter pedal game with the new Omni. These were designed with a modular approach that can be added to most of Xpedo’s existing pedal bodies with only minimal changes to either q-factor (just 2 mm per side in most cases) or weight, adding just 50 g per pair.

These won’t released until around July, but target retail price will be around US$750-900 per pair.

~little dorky looking but if cheaper than Favero Assioma Duo Shi’s i would use them!

Never trust a company making their first power meter. In fact, never buy one that @GPLama or @dcrainmaker haven’t given a positive review, even if it’s from a trusted company (like Shimano’s crap PM, Garmin’s past issues).

Assiomas are <$500 and will work on any decent bike with the one standard that’s unchanged, pedal threads (so do the Xpedo but see above). I wouldn’t buy anything else without very good justification.

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Xpedo? That has to be the worst name ever.

This company would like a word… Bike Power Meter - Pedotec



Seriously. How could they not think of this?

Maybe, it’s time to get a pedometer to identify these degenerates.

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Xpedo has been threatening to make power meter pedals for more than a decade now.

It’s an annual tradition at Eurobike, Sea Otter, and before it Interbike.

Here’s an article I wrote in 2014 about their “coming very soon” power meter pedals: The Massive Eurobike Power Meter News Roundup: Quarq, Stages, SRM, PowerBeat, Ciclo, Verve Infocrank, Xpedo | DC Rainmaker

And as I noted in the article, they’d already been on that train for a few years at that point.

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This isn’t their first, though! They had the Xpedo Thrust E.

Ok, it never really made it to market … DC Rainmaker used to ask them every year at the trade shows, and they kept saying it would be released in a few months.

Anyway, this format is, and this is truly funny, similar to iQ Squared’s original format.