Xert's Forecast AI?

Anybody using the beta yet? Xert claims it will optimize your training, personalize your training, take into account all your rides, every workout will be just the right intensity -not too hard and not too easy, etc. Heck, it might even pick up your drycleaning :wink:

Just wondering if anybody has used it and has any insight.


Adding this to the backlog… :smile:


Sounds like a bit of a “garbage man can” overpromise.

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It’s up and running for me now. going to poke at it a bit. I have previously looked at the ‘estimates’ in the goal setting portion. The were very optimistic. It will be interesting to see how this changes with the new app. :smiley:

Have they improved their UI/UX yet? I tried it on a trial a while back and realized I wasn’t smart enough to overcome the design.


I don’t know, I think the interface is fine. There are a lot of videos and help files to that aim to teach you the platform. There was a youtube sort of tutorial for a while, not sure if it’s still there. It is a pretty dense interface and a lot of information is available.

I would say that I’ve never seen a system that is as good as xert at predicting time to exhaustion. It’s eerily prescient. But like a lot of these systems if the inputs get off a bit it can require some guiding to get the data back in line with reality.

As for the new forecast app. It’s seems pretty cool. I asked it for an unreasonable thing and it created a plan that achieves those goals (and basically warned me that i’m an idiot without saying I’m an idiot) and then I scheduled it in the planner. then in the planner I can hit the ‘forecast’ date in the calendar and see what sort of options achieve that target on that day. The options have labels about whether they actually achieve the goal, across a couple of dimensions.

It’s interesting to try to tease out its plan, what the structure is, etc. It looks like right now the ‘plan’ doesn’t exceed 6 months. If you do it will simply start 6 months from your end date and if you don’t have anything planned before that ‘start’ your fitness will fall off commensurate with the distance from your latest workout. So it would seem that if you wanted to target say, 12.25.2024 you’d want to make a plan to get you to june 25th, and then one to get you to dec 25.

I do like the target thing (like 8 minutes at 350w). It scratches an itch I have for setting a goal and trying to achieve it rather than just working out and seeing how far I get. Anyway. I think it’s a nice addition to the stable. I’m not sure yet if I’ll implement a plan in here quite yet, but I am curious to see how it projects my fitness based upon things I am doing, and whether guiding some of my alternates here influence the outcome there.


Well, like I said:

I wasn’t smart enough to overcome the design.

This was at least 12+ months ago, so things may have changed, but I gave it about a week’s worth of effort trying to decipher what it wanted me to do and then just gave up. It’s no judgement on their actual system at all, but I am positive they are leaving money in the wind until they can, at least, make a strong onboarding. It left me feeling completely perplexed and then I quit.


I tried xert for a couple of years, even had the fields on my garmin to utilize all of its predictive features while riding. It’s neat but ultimately I felt like it was data overload and didn’t re-up again when it expired this fall.

I love some of the things they do at Xert, but it’s just a very confusing app, and if you ask questions of their user base, you tend to get answers like “there are 20 podcasts, go listen to those and you’ll figure it out”. There’s even a coach who does good business teaching people how to use the system. It’s almost like they think you need to earn the right to “get it”. It was really eye opening in making me realize what an incredible and helpful community we have on the TR Forum.


Agree. I tried it out for a bit. Watched some of the instructional YouTube videos and was left scratching my head a bit. I’m sure if I really committed to it, it’d probably be a bit more clear. But I just feel like it should be more straightforward than that

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TR should do more with AIFTP. If it can hindcast FTP based on individual ride history it should also be able to forecast an optimal training program for the individual at least for optimal FTP growth


Xert has some neat features once you get over the hump of the low budget interface. I’ll play with it once it’s out of beta.


Nate specifically mentioned predictive FTP a couple times in the past, so I’d say it’s on their radar.


I’ve been giving this a little a little play this morning (the beta is a open beta, not a closed beta as we are used to from TR) and I am seriously impressed

First of all I set a target, and it recognised my daily hours and set out a plan, this was all great but I do 2.5 hours on a tuesday (applied to other days) but I do a 30 minutes commute, so a hour of that is commuting, I don’t really have time for a 2.5 hour workout in the evening, so I manually added in the commutes, recalculated the plan, and hay presto, the hours remainded the same, but the workout dropped from 2.5 hours to 1.5 hours

I’ve been trying to be more social so a lot of my sunday rides are with the local club, so I have time to ride but don’t want this as workouts like it was advising, so I dragged a previous club ride onto those days, and it recaluclated the whole plan … not just those days, but the days around it

I like as well, it’s advising what to work out, and the workouts that will achieve that, not specifically the workout, I only started playing with it this morning and already had a workout planned for today, 3x20 SS instread on the VO2 that is suggested, didn’t really care that I did this, just wanted to replan the rest of the week

Like I said, just playing for a little bit. but impressed so far, think I just need to set better goal / target than the random thing that came to mind, but liking

Besides a target event or a target threshold, what else id available?

From recall, you set a duration and the improvement, so if you want a 5 min increase, you ask for that, if you want a threshold increaase you ask for a 60 min improvement

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Can you set a goal for longer durations, like a week long bike packing event?

Thanks for the feedback, it’s very useful!

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Sorry, I’m really not a Xert expert, just playing with the planner, you can only set the goal to be a day specific event BUT in the Xert forum/facebook page, they suggest the best way is to add the days as separate events into the calendar, and then set the goad AI to being the final day, I’d go there for suggestions, my post was basically that I was impressed by what I’d seen so far (and it is beta)


Thanks @Account_Deleted your feedback is useful nonetheless!

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