XC Race Tire Thread

WTH, I’ll throw my vote your way. No plans to buy Vittoria RideArmor and I’m sure it’ll get enough votes soon.

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Same here. It’s definitely climbing up there.

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Vote placed. Thank you sir!


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I really want the Wolfpack tested…

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Me too, but you’re wasting your vote on it this month. No way it’ll make it. For that one, you need to start getting votes behind it when it get’s re-added to the list with 3-4 months to go.

Actually, if it tests really well, you’ll probably never be able to find a set in stock ever again, so maybe we’re all better off just keeping our mouths shut and doing our own testing :rofl:

Same for me.

Actually, I have a pair of speed and race already laying around since some months… I should just test them myself… :see_no_evil::sweat_smile: But could only do so for this combination and it I want to do it well it’s real work and needs good and stable weather conditions (something hard to come by in my neck of the woods).


Also signed up for BRR and voted. We’ll see if it helps.

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How long does it usually take BRR to test a tire after it gets voted?

Looking for some new fast rolling, high volume tires for a event in Italy in September, but I want to ride them before that to get used to them. Tires i’m considering at the moment:

  • Schwalbe Racing Ray/Racing Ralph 2.35"
  • Schwalbe’s new “First Ride” tire. It’s supposedly called the Flying Finn and comes as a 2.4"
  • Kenda Booster and Rush 2.4"

So i’m really interested in the score of the Kenda tire as an other option then Schwalbe.

I could also think about these ones, but:

  • Pirelli Scorpion RC 2.4" - Never used Pirelli before, not the greatest according to BRR
  • Maxxis Aspen 2.4" - Not the greatest previous experience with Maxxis Ikon’s

just weighed them on my scale, 620g and 624g in the 2.2" T5 compound. Won’t put them on till late next week and do a ride or two on them before the race.

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Im putting on the wolfpack race 2.2 R and Cross 2.4 F this weekend to do a short track race at our local wednesday worlds this coming week. If I like them I will likely run them at Sea Otter. Been running a rekon race/ardent race combo last few years but looking for a bit more front end grip.

I’ve been waiting for this tire to get released… It looks like a really nice gap filler between the Thunder Burt and the Racing Brothers, and a bit more volume from Schwalbe is a welcomed thing… It’s been nearly a year since they were being ridden in the World Cup series, so you’d think they’d be getting near a release.

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Just an FYI on Ray & Ralph

I was looking up suggested tire pressures from Silca and they ask for inflated width. Those were…

Racing Ray F 2.35 was 57mm
Racing Ralph R 2.25 was 57mm

so :man_shrugging:t2:

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That’s a great weight. Let us know how they feel once you get some rides on them.


I’m with you on the specialized ground control. I have to run the 2.4 w/grid casings due to a lot of rocks, but they grip and last me about a year. I’m not racing this year, but I’m going to try out the fast trak and renegade combo, both with grid casing. At $40 on sale they are an amazing value.

I see all of these light, thin casing tires being raved about and compared back and forth. If my local trails wouldn’t eat these kinds of tires, I would be back on a hardtail with these light tires.

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Off topic but looking forward to see how it compares to the Cinturato Velo, would love to see something similar to Mondo RR with >70 Puncture resistance.

so is the idea to get this front/rear? I’m also curious about the new 2.4 vittoria tires supposed to be released at some point soon…

Does anyone know if the Rekon Race was released in some kind of poor man’s version, akin to Schwalbes Performance range perhaps?

I found some 2.25 folding at a ridiculous price on sale - $20 - and am wondering that if this is the cheapest EXO dual compound - the web site is sparse on detail - they’d be good for the rear.


Decided to go with a rekon race 2.4wt front and an Aspen 2.4wt rear. Both exo and maxxspeed.

Was surprised the rekon race came in at 860g and the Aspen at 796g.

(This is on a 2020 trek top fuel btw with 120 / 115)
Running on mk4 crests in Minnesota.


mounted up my partner’s race tires for an upcoming race - S-works Renegade in 2.2 and S-works Ground Control in 2.2.
Weight: Renegade - 562g / Ground Control - 630g

I was really nervous about that Renegade as we live in the front range and tires go quickly here, but it held up on our 5hr single track ride. She mentioned that the bike feels much different (lost 1.35lbs by switching from 2.4" Rekons), but she climbed like a mountain goat. I think it was a great change for the XC ultra race as 70 miles of the 100 is gravel fire roads.

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