MTB Trail Tire Thread

Don’t want to clutter up the XC Race tire thread, but I’m sure there are some MTB riders here who just ride for fun and don’t race, perhaps have some Downcountry bikes, or more aggressive Trail bikes, etc. I’m personally looking to get new tires this Summer so hopefully we can share some experience with less race and more rowdy tires here

2021 FUEL EX 140/130 29mm rim

Currently debating a few combos, Front/Rear respectively all in a 2.4" with the higher TPI, MaxxTerra compounds, riding in Philadelphia area so mostly hardback and some loose over hard, some rocks and roots but nothing crazy


What tires is everyone using on their non race “do it all” trail bikes?


I’m a fan of the Bontrager XR series. Basically choose the level of tread you want, the bigger the number the bigger the tread, XR0 is all but a slick. I’ll usually go for front-XR4, rear-XR3 for winter or aggressive riding, XR3/XR2 front/rear for more general riding and/or long distance stuff.

They go up really easy tubeless and last well.

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I run the XR4 now front and rear but curious to try something different. My buddy runs the XR3 on his Top Fuel and its not knobby enough for my liking, the XR4 isn’t bad

On my downcountry bike I’m loving the Vee Tire Co Snap Trail (Enduro Core) and a Rail Escape on the back. Burly up front and fast in the back (both 29 x 2.3).

Been running a WTB Trail Boss 2.4®/Vigilante 2.5(F) combo and really liked it.

Switching out for a Dissector 2.4 ® /DHF Combo 2.5 (F). No time on this yet, but was in stock at LBS.

I’ll probably “love” it the first few rides b/c they will feel ultra-grippy, but forget what my old (current) tires feel like in a few months when the comparisons are more appropriate. Hoping for slightly less wear on the Maxxis than the WTBs.

Great thread, and while I enjoy racing my bike (endurance/XC) I really enjoy just getting out there and enjoying my TR earned fitness!

Right now I’m pretty in love with a Minion DHF 2.5 WT up front and partnered with an Agressor 2.5 WT in the back. I’m running an “XC” Cush Core in the back.

I’ve been really focusing on setting pressure every ride and it makes a big deal. For general trail riding I’m loving 19 PSI in the front and 20 PSI in the back. When I ride park the pressures increase significantly.

I plan on trying some Kenda, WTB, and Schwalbe treads again this season as well.

I’ve thought about the aggressor but still lean towards the Rekon for a “faster” tire.

Where do you ride, not specifics but I guess general area/type of terrain?

Also considering double dissector because I ride clipped in so not sure if I want less traction on the back regardless, I don’t want the front to slide but maybe the back sliding first is easier to catch?

Picked up a pair of Pinners to put on my new wheels, as soon as I get around to building them (ugh).

Currently on a DHF/Aggressor combo as that was all that was on the shelf last time I needed tires. They are okay, but I wouldn’t run again. I would consider a DHF, but I will probably stick with Assegai/DHR DD Max Grip depending on how I like he Pinners.

My trail choice are more “down” than “country” though.

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Assegai 2.5 up front hands down for me. Have been through a lot of trail tires, but gosh, this thing just grips. As for the rear, dhf has been money for me. Trail riding and bike park days.

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Well, interestingly enough, I’m going to slap on a wheelset that has a Rekon as a rear tire so I can compare the two pretty effectively. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m guessing something like, I’ll like the Rekon better on the gravel road/2-track climb to the goods, and will miss the Agressor going downhill on the steep stuff.

I’m in the Pisgah area and lean towards hard “blues” or black trails without insane features. I like riding steep stuff these days. It’s east coast style riding with plenty of elevation gain/loss in minimum mileage so there’s still a ton of tight turns and switch back moves to make on the trails I like. Some rocks, tons of roots, and admittedly a lot of primo hero dirt lately.


At a little over 4w/kg I should probably not focus so much on efficiency since I can pedal fine, and more on grip since that’s my weak spot, and the Assegai/Dissector seems like a good combo for grip, just worried how the Assegai will feel as far as being “slow” on the front, and it’s quite a bit heftier than the XR4 I run now

Maybe subconsciously I also don’t want to put XC tires on a trail bike and make it less capable, also don’t want to go full Endurobro since it won’t make sense with the tights I wear on the trail :rofl:

I will second the Bontrager XR3 front/ XR2 rear combo. Works great for the hard pack, roots and rocks in North Carolina.

Side question: when did you get your Fuel EX? I am (im)patiently waiting on a Top Fuel I ordered at the beginning of February.

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Same! Although I can think of at least one group ride with a bunch of what must be 5+w/kg riders when I miss my fast tires. The tough part is going back to XC tires when you’ve been on tires that actually connect. I do find the first few rides on trail tires to take a bit of getting used to when you’re climbing on roads/gravel but everywhere else the trail tires are better. If better = fun.

I’ve perfected my look: standard jersey with three back pockets, bibs, and tight fitting baggies. Done. No super-hero lycra, no flat brim hat necessary for after the ride either. :wink:

For the record I support wearing lycra on trail rides, taking the heat for said outfit, then dropping those same people both up and downhill. :slight_smile:


This past year I experimented with DH Semi Slick on the Hardtail, 2.4 Kenda Helldiver on the rear, with a 2.4 Rekon on the front. I actually found the grip to be really good except in mud but thats to be expected. On the broduro bike I run DHF front and DHR rear.

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Mine was a warranty replacement P1 frame but they got that turned around within about 45-50 days of entering the claim.

Chances are your bike is delayed due to third party components, not the TREK stuff

I am horrible for tire advice because I don’t see the point in “fast” tires on a trail bike. My goal is the reach the top, then send the down. If it takes me 2 hours to reach the top instead of 1.5, that is fine. I just want to know that when I am hitting double black and above that I don’t have to worry if my equipment is up to the task, just focus on the ride.

Seems to be A TON of good inbetween tires though. I hear people say that DHF/Aggressor roll fast, and while I won’t run them again, that is for my style of riding. My XC bike gets the total opposite treatment; just enough traction to keep me going.

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DHRII front and moving to Rekon rear. Both 3C EXO. Reliable and available. Bike came with DHRII rear but I want something that rolls just a little faster.

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Our trails don’t really have a top, having this convo with another member about the rolling hill road rides, but at most we’ve got 300-400 foot climbs local. Most of it are flowy fun trails with some up and down, so while I value grip I also pedal pretty much everywhere and don’t want a super slow tire either.

The Assegai Dissector seems like an aggressive trail combo and Dissctor Rekon a little lighter duty.

Tires aren’t cheap or necessarily easy to find so I want to overthink this as much as possible :skull:


Different conditions from what I tend to ride. Most of the ups aren’t too technical, unless we seek them out, with the downs being a mix. The people I occasionally ride with ride very chill on the climbs (even if short) and ride our own pace on the downs. And that group has a huge fitness disparity. At one point I was riding at over 5 w/kg while my good friend was probably about 2.

@Juicetin maybe you can chime in with some WISS-worthy suggestions as that’s the most aggressive place I’ll likely ride