XC mountain bike races in Buckinghamshire UK

Just wondered if anyone new of any MTB or XC races in and around Buckinghamshire UK this summer? Also any evening events that maybe going on.


Have you tried British Cycling? That would be the most comprehensive list I think

Google FNSS mtb racing. Most are Midlands but a couple are in Buckinghamshire


Not much actually in Buckinghamshire that I am aware of but try these in the surrounding areas:

North - Friday evenings in the summer: FNSS MTB Racing | Facebook
East - Sundays in the summer: http://www.mudsweatgears.co.uk/
South - Sundays in the summer: https://www.eventrexuk.com/mountain-biking/southernxc/
East - Sundays in the winter: http://thetfordracing.com/winter-series/
South - Weekends, all year: Gorrick - Mountain Biking Events and much more!

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