Looking for XCO Race recommendations- BC, Alberta, Washington, Idaho

Hi everyone. Been a while since I post anything here. I got burnt out by finishing my Masters, moved, joined the real world of working, and finally feel like I’m getting control of my life again. This year will just be riding and getting my weight back to a place I’m happy with and that I feel I could actually make people hurt while climbing.

I won’t be racing this year, but I’m looking in plan builder towards the future. I want to get back to XCO racing and find my limits- which I don’t think I ever got to. That said, I wanted to reach out and ask for recommendations for XCO races. Honestly, in the future, I want races that have fast and competitive fields- a field where placing means you’re fast. That said, I also would love amazing courses.

I’m looking for races in British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Idaho, and may be willing to stretch that a bit. I’m based in Vernon, BC, but I’ve driven for plenty of races in the past.

Thanks to everyone for their input. I value any opinions!

Cheers- Alex

BC Cup down on the coast… 2020 BC Cup XC Series p/b Cobotix - Cycling BC

Mostly XCM & Enduro for most of the province though… I know there’s a weekly evening XC series in Revelstoke…

There’s a bunch of 4-6 hour events that you could do solo or team relay if that’s up your alley.

Salty Dog in Salmon Arm, Dirty Feet in kamloops, Okanagan 24 has a 4hr version in Vernon

I wish there was somewhere that listed all the events in the province…

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Plenty of races in Canmore, which is your best bet in Alberta with out a huge drive. A Canada cup this year, Provincial champs are in Bragg Creek, Giver’6, and https://www.transrockies.com/.

Salty Dog is pretty fun, with some solid competition and an awesome turn out. Not sure if there’s a race in Fernie this year.

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I’m actually amazed at how hard it has been to track down race info as a whole, hence this thread. I guess a lot of non-sanctioned (or not BC cup, anyway) events but regardless it’s been harder than I expected. If you’re being sarcastic, feel free to point me in the right direction :sweat_smile:

I had the goal of getting to as many races as possible from Whistler last year and ended up finishing 40+ events within 45 minutes of home.

Whistler: WORCA runs ~18 weekly Thursday night Toonie races that can get hundreds of people with classic XC to EWS level trails, Back 40 is the new XCM race for this year on June 6 (goal is to replace the Nimby 50), plus the Canada Cup XCO (same day as Spakwus 50).

Squamish: SORCA alternates Wednesday night social rides/races April-September (usually XC, but they also do a few “uphill challenge” and two stage enduro races), the Spakwus 35 and 50 (or Challenge is both days) races are a ton of fun and well organized, plus one or two bigger enduro events.

Pemberton: PORCA runs a shorter XC race every other Tuesday in spring and summer, NIMBY 50 (XCM) had it’s last run last year, they have one or two enduros, plus Lumpy’s Trifecta in the fall

Think that’s it for the Sea to Sky? I’m going to try most of these plus Junkyard Dog (XCO Provincial Championships) and the Bear Mountain XCO/enduro weekend at the end of March.

BC Bike Race, Singletrack 6, and Trans BC Enduro are the big stage races.

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For races in WA, check out this one…

Capitol Forest Classic => Capitol Forest Classic 2020 (CANCELLED) Online Registration

There is also a weekday race at SeaTac which is put on my ex-pro Russy Stevenson. He changes the course every week and on occasion will race too, so if you’re close to him on finishing, its a good measuring stick on your fitness and ability.

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I wish I was…