World Tour Pros at gravel/MTB/ultra events

Education First have just announced an expanded season for some of their riders which will include DK200 and Leadville 100 among other confirmed events. They’ve also hinted at sending people out to do ultra endurance rides like RAAM, TCR or others.

Sounds exciting to me and might garner some new fans. I’m curious to see how they fare in other disciplines, particularly something like the TCR which is unsupported.

Any thoughts/objections?

Sounds all good to me! The kind of thing that Rapha will be promoting as new kit sponsor I’d have thought!

As long as they turn up with a willingness to ride in the spirit of the event, especially for something like TCR, then I can’t see a problem with it.

Seeing as how everyone else from the über-dirty Postal team is running unsanctioned cycling events & fondos, I don’t see why EF can’t do the same. Maybe Floyd’s new team will also join the fun! :grinning:

I think there might be quite a range of “spirit” in almost every event.

The latest episode of The Cycling Podcast Explore series covers this development and interviews the CEO of Rapha and Lachlan Morton. I listened to the first 45 minutes whilst riding Carter +1 this evening - will finish listening to it later. I have enjoyed the whole series which has covered various aspects of adventure or ultra distance rides and events.

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