Next generation of vittoria corsas due

Looking for tires I stumbled upon

I couldn’t find it on vittoria’s website directly but googling them I found this

So probably it’s still under embargo, I can’t find any specs other than that it is supposed to be even faster according to Vittoria and now has silica besides the graphene (100 TPI nylon casing, 9% less RR, 32% more grip, 21% more puncture resistance)


Good spot! They have been due for an upgrade, though I’m a little sorry to see such a small RR gain claimed, given the current gen tyres are a long way behind the competition. Though if they still have that magic feel, it may be a sacrifice worth making.

What tire is faster then a corsa ?
I thought bicycle rolling resistance have them as the fastest

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I don’t think these have been tested yet by bicycle rolling resistance, these tires aren’t even available yet on vittoria’s own website

Not the standard Corsas, but the Corsa Speed, which is their TT offering. The standard Corsa ‘all round’ race offering is a good 6 or 7 watts per tyre behind the Conti 5000s according to BRR. Some argue the test favours less supple casings, but hard to know for sure. There are World Tour teams racing on the tubeless Corsa, so it can’t be that bad…

5w is a lot. Corsa 2.0 seems like a no brainer

this is an interesting blog on the subject, it turns out that in the real world casing suppleness is much more important than rolling resistance especially when the road surface is poor

Yes, the tyre at the top of the chat is the Corsa Speed G2.0, their TT tyre.

Has anyone tried these yet? just tested them. A bit slower than GP 5000 S TR or Schwalbe Pro Ones (for example), but seem to have good grip and puncture protection. Might be a great off season/training tire?

Might be worth a shot especially for the 2 pack price…

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I had a GP 5000 TL explode on me so it was time to bite the bullet and buy new tires. I ordered the 2 packs posted earlier…$85 (full msrp) is alot for a cheap guy like me :rofl:

I’ve been riding Schwalble Pro One TLE and GP5000 TL lately on my Specialized Roubaix with 51mm Bontrager Aeolus wheels for reference.

The Vittorias needed a little persuasion with a tire lever to mount and an Airshot canister to seat. No big deal, but it was nice when I could mount a Schwalbe by hand and seat with a floor pump. I went with 30mm up front and 32mm in the rear. The first ride was last night and these were so comfortable! On par with Pro One’s and smoother than GP5000 TL’s. The Vittorias are a few watts slower than the GP’s or Pro Ones, but certainly didn’t feel slow at all. If they prove to be as durable as advertised, these could be my go to tires!

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Looking to get some more input on these. For my gravel bike, I picked up another wheelset for a road set up. I’ve got a racy-ish road bike set up with GP5kTL 28mm already, so this would have a larger tire size for all day comfort, multi-surface riding, etc.

I’ve been looking at these Vittoria Corsa N.EXT in 34mm width primarily due to the great deal still going on at Excel for a pair. I’ve got a pair of 32mm GP5k TR waiting to be installed, but really enticed by the N.EXT for increased tire size (comfort), puncture resistance, and grip compared to the GP5k. I’m a huge fan of Conti GPs dating back to the GP4000s2, but open to trying something new. Can’t deny they roll super fast though.

Posting here to see if I can get an ideas. I have a set of 30cs on 303fc disc. They’re a fucking nightmare.

First ride, 60k before then deflate themselves. No puncture, just not enough air to keep the bead in the rim and the rear emptied. Reinflated and now I’m getting about 2-3hrs of riding before they need reinflating. 80ml-100ml of much off sealant. No rim issues. Both front and rear.

Anyone else had this issue? Wheelset was fine before with s works turbos rapidairs in 28c and pathfinder pros in 38.

In case you moved the sealant around well, it really sounds like either faulty tires, or a rim tape failure.
I know you said it wasn’t the rim, but that’s the most common issue for the scenario you described.


Which sealant are you using?

Muc off.

Rotated well.

Tyres must be faulty.

Could be the tires but it’s way more common for the tape to have been compromised in some way. I’d try that before giving up on the tires.

When mounting the tires, were they really completely seated properly? Where you can see the little line at the same height all around the rim? Mine took some extra coaxing to get in the exact right position and they didn’t hold air properly until then.

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