TT in wet conditions, best tire?


I am looking for a really fast tire, that is also good in the rain/on wet roads…
Last year I used the Michelin TT, excellent on dry and good roads, but i found them really slippery in the wet. Have bought vittoria corsa speeds now, but haven’t used them yet. How do they perform?

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I ran Corsa speeds last year…v fast but wouldn’t fancy them in the wet - especially as they are thin in terms of tread and rain brings debris. I am now using GP5000 on my TT bike - 25mm - ok if I was going to win a TT then maybe I would stick with the Corsa speed but I feel more confident of the grip and puncture protection of the Contis …they are a couple of watts slower according to cycling rolling resistance tests but 10s isn’t going to make much difference to my finishing position.

GP5000. Did a couple of very wet 10s last season with no issues.

I use a Mitchelin Power on wet and dry TTs. I couldn’t get a corsa to seat as it was too soft (the lbs couldn’t seat it either) but I reckon it’ll be a pretty grippy compound in the wet given that softness.