Workouts with errors

I’ve noticed a couple of workouts where mistakes have crept into the intervals (not the text).

Geiger +1: this has a drop in intensity at 33 minutes, in the second interval, it’s discontinuous with the rest of the interval (looks like an offset).

Eclipse -1: This has three similar mistakes where a segment of one of the intervals is offset. Again they are discontinuous with the before/after segments.

In Eclipse -1 the reduction in TSS might be more than trivial. The intervals are meant to be 88-94% FTP but one of them drops as low as 81% FTP with this issue.

There are probably others - this is just what I noticed.

I found another.

The circled areas are at the wrong intensity. The intensity should vary continuously but with no jumps - it should always change gradually. Reported to TR support. I’m riding this one on Sunday. If it’s not fixed in time and I don’t end up riding outside then I can fix it in workout creator at least, since I now have that.

I just had a look over Eclipse -1 and couldn’t see anything that looked off, certainly nothing as low as 81%. Can you post an image showing what you mean?

It’s correct now. TrainerRoad support have fixed it. I didn’t screenshot Eclipse -1 but here is what Geiger +1 used to look like.

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Actually, I can find plenty screenshots of Eclipse -1 from ride history for that workout, e.g.

I remember seeing this on “What workout did you do today?” and thinking it was a bit strange. It was only when I saw Geiger +1 that I realised this was not intentional.

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Do you have the link to this ride? I’d like to take a closer look but I am having a hard time finding an example by scrolling through the “All Rides” section for Eclipse -1.

Thanks in advance :+1:

Last ride with the drops: Log In to TrainerRoad

First Log In to TrainerRoad

So it looks like it was incorrect for 4 weeks.

Ah, it looks like that one was fixed by Support awhile back. So if anyone is still seeing issues with Eclipse -1, you should be able to refresh your workouts and it should go back to normal.

As for any remaining workout issues, feel free to post here or reach out to our Support Team so that we can fix them on a case by case basis. Please include links whenever possible to make it easier for us to assess the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

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Thanks @Bryce, I thought it was understood that Eclipse -1 was already fixed from earlier in the thread. Thanks for looking into it.

From the one time I’ve used the workout creator to customise a workout, it’s pretty easy to accidentally make an unintentional change. These particular issues triggered the OCD part* of my Software Engineer’s brain due to the discontinuity. Now I’m seeing workouts that have changed subtly but in less stand-out ways and wondering if those changes are intentional. :roll_eyes:

  • Part? - Ed.

We really only go in and change workouts if there’s a problem. Otherwise, the workouts should not change.

We will occasionally go in and edit workout text, or if there was an error we will fix it, but in general the workouts are not going in and out of the Workout Creator :+1:.