Workouts types missing

I am new to Trainer Road and have been looking at the workout list. I noticed that some of the workouts do not show a type such as VO2 max, endurance, tempo. Does anyone know what these workouts would be classified as?

Can you share some examples?

Adams +1, Ainslie, Avalanche -3, Blue are just a few I saw.

Sure enough. Probably an oversight from the looks of ones properly labeled around them.

I went ahead and let Coach Chad know about this, we’ll be looking into it :slight_smile:

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Will it be beneficial to list the workout type within the name, like:

Huffaker (VO2 Max)
Carpathian Peak +2 (Threshold)
Baxter (Endurance)

etc etc…

I personally would LOVE this!

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Not really necessary. We have filters that make sorting easy already.

They are actively working on an improved filter and tag setup for all platforms. So the type in the name is redundant, IMHO.

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As Chad mentioned, the workout type is in the tag of each workout, so you can easily filter the workout catalog if you wish :slight_smile:

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Yeah I found that too since a while ago but never called it out. I found not all workout have zone tags on them.

Petit -1

I use the search feature heavily since I always tweak and search for workout replacement.


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