Workout swapping: need advice

I’ve got Spanish Needle -1 planned for Saturday. Anyone got a good recommendation for an alternative workout? I don’t like using ERG mode, and I can’t see myself being near the intended target for 15 second intervals. I don’t think this workout looks especially difficult. I just have a feeling I will execute this workout poorly.

If you’ve never done it before then I would just go ahead an attempt it. It doesn’t really matter if you hit the power targets. What matters is that you go really hard for each ‘on’ section and that your heart rate and breathing remain very elevated during the blocks.

I wouldn’t do it in ERG mode. It takes a decent amount of shifting to keep the power on but it’s not too bad.

But sorry I don’t have a specific alternative workout in mind off the top of my head but most other VO2 type workouts should be close enough to the intended affect.


Thanks for the reply and words of confidence. I may just attempt it. I can be quite the glutton for punishment.

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Workouts like Spanish Needle sometimes take a bit of practice to get on the power quick enough but not push so hard that you are pushing 300% FTP for 5 seconds before coming back down and then you blow up. But luckily you have a lot of opportunities to practice that in one of these workouts!

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