Spanish Needle substitute (longer)

Is there a spanish needle substitute that has longer intervals suitable for ERG? My trainer doesn’t respond well to 15 second intervals, it’s raining outside, and shifting is very imperfect (different cassette spacing that I’d rather not touch).

What trainer are you using?

Elite Direto 2. I’ve always done this one outside as a result.

I use a kickr and if connected by bluetooth there is a mode called standard mode. I have spanish needle tomorrow and I am planning on using that mode instead of erg for the very reason you stated.
Not sure if all trainers have that mode available in trainer road or not but I believe it has to be connected via bluetooth to get it.

If this isn’t an option then there are other anaerobic workouts available. Not sure how long you want the intervals to be but you can filter the workouts by length and intensity and see if something in there fits in with the desired TSS and intensity you are after.

I managed to do this today by playing around with the shifting/resistance on the trainer!

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