Workout suggestion

OK coaches, I’m in trouble, I’m riding the triple bypass in Colorado in one week
I have an injury right now that makes it so I cannot ride outdoors, but I can ride on my trainer.
The ride can be two hours or even a touch more, this was gonna be my last big ride before I taper down. My plan was to go outside and do a ton of steady climbing.
Any suggestions for a workout?? I’ve had a string of bad luck So I’ve not be able to train hard for the last two weeks, so I’m pretty fresh

One week out you’re not going to change your fitness level appreciably. I’d recommend a 2 - 2.5 hour endurance ride like Boarstone to ensure your injury allows you to ride that long, as well as test your nutrition plan.


That’s a good thought, I should’ve mentioned the injury, a pinched nerve in my neck so it’s very hard for me to look up when I’m on my bars, but on the trainer I can sit up straighter and look down, which is why I can handle it

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It will make no difference to your fitness whatever you do, although you could make yourself tired. It will all be about confidence. Maybe Boarstone or Gibbs+1 to give yourself a few leg opening sprints at the end. If you have been doing less then your legs may feel really off without a bit of work. I have a 10m TT today - I did 80mins yesterday with 2x4 min threshold and 4x1 min VO2 efforts outside…if I don’t my legs feel v lethargic in a race.

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